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Dear Santa, from Christina

29 Nov

Dear Santa,

I saw you Friday night at the Movember gala. You were dancing in a creepy way that made me feel uncomfortable. If you’d like to redeem yourself by giving me any of the following presents, I’d be cool with that. As always, I’ve been a very good girl. That high moral standard is exactly why I wouldn’t dance with you.

First and foremost, I’d like to have two fat, healthy, happy nieces and/or nephews born later this winter/spring. That’d be awesome, thanks. I know they aren’t really Christmas presents but that’s what I want. Ideally, I’d like one each from the niece and nephew category but you can divvy it up  however you see fit.

Now, my mom always likes to give presents that are really functional. If you — like her — are looking for functional presents with major wow potential, you could always wrap up these:

  • Wide plank flooring for my flat to make the kitchen look like this one pictured in House Beautiful in April 2008. I’d prefer it in charcoal colour, however. And, Mr. C, if you could arrange to have the flooring installed, I’d be over the moon. You see, we often work weekends and I’d hate to give up my rare spare weekend for renovations.
  • Santa, have you tried on a pair of the Citizens of Humanity Avedon jeggings? I’ll admit, I wasn’t easily sold on the idea of jeggings. But, these look just like regular denim and feel like leggings. Pyjamas that look like jeans? Sold. Nab yourself a pair, too, Santa. They’re available at Aritzia.

*Photo courtesy of luckymag.com

  • I’m always pretty tickled to receive a Massage & Organic Facial combo from Inner Balance Spa. It’s quite a foolproof way to go. And at $135, it’s a bargain for you, too.

  • Last but not least, I love the work of Fernie-based photographer Henri Gorgi. Whenever I visit my much-loved, second-home of Fernie, I stop in at the Arts Co-op and gawk at Gorgi’s work. A large framed print one of these beauties hanging in my bedroom guarantees that I’ll maintain my moral standards throughout 2011.

*Photos by Henri Gorgi



PS – I’d also like karate lessons, triathlon training at the Talisman Centre or Tri-It and the Gourmet Nutrition cookbook. xo

PPS – A last minute addition this morning, I need a new iPod shuffle. I put mine through the washing machine last night.

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