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A Toque For Everyone On Your List

13 Dec

Is anyone else stressed that Christmas is less than two weeks away? We’ve still got parents, siblings and friends to shop for. We’re buying — what else? — toques.

In case you’re in the same gift-shopping predicament, here’s a sampling of some of the coolest ones we’ve come across so far.

For the stylish friend who always complains of cold, this fun, furry number from American Eagle:

For the stylish friend who loves all things high-end and French, one of these Columbia Berets by Louis Vuitton:

For the dad who always wears crazy party sweaters, this colourful — but not overly bright — Coal toque, available at Purr:

For the mom who swears she does not look good in hats, this soft, chunky knit toque from J. Crew:

For the brother who still wears that black toque he’s worn for the last decade, this Fair Isle beanie from Banana Republic. It’s super soft and quietly stylish enough that he won’t groan when he opens it:

For the sister with crazy curly hair who frequently needs a hair disguise, this swinging tassel trapper from Anthropologie:

For the world’s cutest baby — the one that never cries when you hold it — this elf-cute stocking hat from Adorable Organics’ Etsy shop:

Last but not least, for you — because you deserve it — this chunky wool beanie from FCUK:

Have fun shopping!

~The Toque Girls

PS – Club Monaco has 30% off on their toques today.


Slipping, bailing and swallowing pride on Calgary’s icy sidewalks and slick lobbies

30 Nov

One day a couple of weeks ago, I wore my favourite pair of heels to work. They’re high and grey. That same day, Mother Nature decided to wear white; she dumped loads of snow. Heading to work, I navigated the slick sidewalks just fine. Trouble struck, however, later that morning in the lobby of the Suncor building.

On my way to meet someone for coffee, my right heel hit a wet patch on the floor. I bailed hard. The best part? All 20 people in line at Starbucks witnessed the fall.

Sitting in a pile on the floor, the only thing I could think of was Dane Cook‘s skit about watching a guy get hit by a car. The guy is too embarrassed to accept help or even admit anything happened. As Dane says, “He’s trying to play it off like he didn’t just get hit by a car!”

Back to me sitting there. I didn’t want to be trying to play it off like I didn’t just bail. So, I looked at the lineup of people behind me and said something along the lines of, “Wow, that was smooth.”

No one asked if I was alright, aside from the security guard who was sitting at a nearby booth. But, that’s his job, right? Our convo went like this:

Him: Miss, are you okay?

Me: Yes, I’m fine, thanks.

My pride: OUCH!

Since then, I’ve been witness to a handful of wipeouts. There was the girl who fell while crossing the street in front of Classic Jack’s on 17th Ave. There was the guy who spilled his Tim Horton’s coffee…as soon as he walked out the door. And then there was Sam, who fell while running from the hot tub to our hotel room in Banff. (Hers was the most spectacular, as it was minus 30, she was wearing a bikini and winter boots, and she went skidding down a hill.)

I have to say, I reacted differently to every fall. I said “oooohhhhh,” “that sucks!” and “hahahahahahahahaha,” respectively.

My question is: how do you react when you see someone wipeout on our city streets? Let’s have a poll and see what the masses say:


p.s. Any tips on how to recover if you’re the one who bailed?

A new Roots pom pom toque to love, and other enviable options

18 Nov

It’s amazing what you can find when you sort through your wallet. Or, at least, what you can find when you sort through a wallet that’s as crammed and messy like mine.

The other day, I found a business card for someone I do not know. A frequent customer card for Missing Link Extraordinary Sausage at the Calgary Farmers’ Market. (Random, yes. What can I say? I love their Mahatma Bombay sausages all grilled up, sliced and atop a pile of fresh greens.) A stash of rolled-up dental floss; I never leave home without it. And — the most exciting bit — a $20 gift card for Roots. Wherever did you come from, gift card? No matter, for I was happy to see you.

At the store, I hmm’d and haaa’d. Finally, I settled on the Aurora Pom Pom Toque ($24).

Here it is, when professional photographers shoot it.

And here it is when I try to shoot it myself. Note how the pom pom — a key component, for sure — is absent. My bad.

And should you want to venture beyond Roots — we encourage you to, because one toque is not enough to survive in this winter wonderland — let’s examine some other enviable options for winter.

I love the look of this Michael Kors Rugby Hooded Neck Warmer. It’s so chic. But let’s face it: like fingerless gloves and empire waist dresses, boys just might not get it. Who cares? Should you wear this, any stylish girl who sees you on the street will drool all over it and then you can go on your merry, warm way.

How about this Canada Goose Aviator? It’s sexy. And it’s versatile. I can picture wearing this to a Flames game — walking miles and miles from wherever we’ve managed to find a parking spot. You know how it is. — or hill-side at Lake Louise.

On the Canada Goose note, did you hear about how the company teamed up with Holt Renfrew to create a limited edition toque? The goal is to raise $100,000 for Polar Bears International, a non-profit that’s trying to conserve the world’s polar bears and their environments. When you buy one of these $50 toques, either online or in the stores, a portion of the proceeds will be given to the organization. We like the cause. We really like the toque. And because it comes in two colours — red and black — we just might wear this Canada Goose toque to the Flames game and save the Aviator for another day.

Now, one more great, local option for you. The women behind Knittles hand-knit their adorable toques, scarves and more. You can find them here on Etsy. And then you can cozy up in something as cute as their Slouchy Lumberjack Hat.

Is your head spinning with all the wonderful possibilities? Don’t worry — a toque will hold it straight.

Stay warm, friends!


Five random questions for fashion designer Haithem Elkadiki

12 Nov

Haithem Elkadiki is one of the most stylish men in Calgary. Not only is he the gifted fashion designer behind the menswear line, KaaDiki, but we’re privileged to have him as a dear friend. We adore him more than words can convey in this blog post. (For many reasons, one of them being that we’re united in the search to find Calgary’s best lamb burger. The hunt continues.)

Haithem, 37, is one of those rare people that will call it like he sees it, which is why we thought it appropriate to ask him a few — okay, five — questions.

To conduct this very, very serious interview, we met at the Ship & Anchor last Sunday. The balmy weather enticed us to the patio. And then the balmy weather enticed us to order Caesars. And then, somehow, we forgot about the interview.

Never fear, readers. We called Haithem the next day to ask him our questions. Here they are:

What’s the best thing about Calgary fashion?

It’s young! And there’s a lot of potential and possibilities. People need to appreciate local design, though. The only way the local fashion scene can move forward and improve and grow is with the consumers. They have the power and they need to realize that local fashion is very exclusive, because it’s small production and likely produced right here in Calgary. People should feel great about buying something local!

(*On that note, head to his site to check out his goods and to get in touch with him about a custom order.)

You just came back from Europe. Were the women there wearing amazing fashion-forward styles we need to know about?

Fantastic heels, like heels that take you up to heaven. That’s how high the heels are. I don’t know how they walk in those heels, with their cobblestone streets. And anything with a very interesting heel. It seems like there’s a lot of focus on the back of the shoe, like a zipper going down the back.

On a Saturday morning in Calgary, where are we likely to find you?

Probably in bed with Eric watching TV — probably the food channel — and drinking coffee. We’d be thinking about food and whether we should go out to eat or make something crazy at home.

If you could suggest Calgarians buy just one must-have item for winter, what would it be?

It would probably be a very nice-looking piece of outerwear, something sophisticated. It could be Moncler or Canada Goose. Something very chic, because I find that people don’t care when it gets really cold and they just throw on whatever. They could have the most fabulous-looking outfit underneath but they just want warmth. So, I’d say invest in a nice piece of outerwear.

Toques: love them or hate them?

I love them. I’ve only managed to find one toque that I can feel comfortable wearing. It’s black and it’s Prada. This one toque, I feel like it’s part of me. And that’s the most important thing when you wear a toque – you forget that it’s even there.

~The Toque Girls

And they’re back!

20 Oct

Hello dears!

Our apologies for disappearing from your computer screens for the last six weeks. We could lie to you and tell you that every single one of our fingers dropped off.

But with two girls, that’s 20 fingers and extremely low odds that you’d believe us. So here’s the truth: one of us got married, one moved (without leaving town, thank goodness!), someone went to San Francisco and shopped too much, someone went to DC and shopped too much, a husband moved in, someone organized a major charity luncheon. There were charity races and new boys, pregnant sisters and pregnant sisters-in-law and two more girlfriends went from pregnancy to motherhood. Things have been, you know, busy.

We promise never to disappear again. Talk to you tomorrow.

Oh, and check out this new lovely toque from Anthropologie. It’s from the cute Anthropologie in Georgetown. (Less than one month to go and we’ll have an Anthropologie within lunch-hour radius. Dangerous.)

Anthropologie Solitary Hat


Hat Tricks

3 Aug
Gucci Toque, image courtesy of Gucci.com

Gucci Toque, image courtesy of Gucci.com

We recently attended the 2010 Holt Renfrew Fall Fashion Launch. Always a fun affair, this event involves drinking champagne while watching the sexiest employees of Calgary Holt’s walk down a makeshift runway wearing the “must haves” for the upcoming season.

Now, should you ever get invited to one of these events, it’s key to comport yourself appropriately. By that, we mean dress fashionably (without looking like you’re trying to hard), drink champagne gracefully while taking notes and photos, and display interest in the clothes while maintaining a certain air of haughtiness. It’s a tough act.

And we failed miserably. Here’s why: Barb Atkin, the vice-president of fashion direction for Holt Renfrew, called toques the absolute “must have” accessory for men and women in all seasons. At that point, we started nudging each other like two junior high girls who just got winked at by a high school quarterback. Yep, we were pretty chuffed.

According to the always stylishly dressed Ms. Atkin (who stole the show in her blue python print Stella McCartney dress), toques have been popping up everywhere all summer. She’s seen them on stylish lids in airports and in downtown Toronto on 30-plus days.

Ahhh.. Music to our ears.  Check out this little Gucci number that’ll be in Holt Renfrew stores this fall.

Toques! Toques!

22 Jul

$24.00 at Roots Canada

We know it’s summertime, but that doesn’t stop Toque Girls from wearing a toque from time to time. Toques are cute. And fun. And great coverups for bad hair days.

With plenty of lightweight options available, you can find one to add style to any of your summertime looks. For example, we’d wear this adorable Roots Canada toque with a bikini, an oversized mens’ pinstripe shirt — with the sleeves rolled up, of course — and flip flops. Can’t you just imagine wearing this while sitting on the end of a dock, next to your boy?

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