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Treasured Jewelry

24 Feb

Twenty-five years ago, my grandma Adaliane and grandpa Don were vacationing in Hong Kong. While visiting Stanley Market, they picked up souvenirs. I’ve always adored the necklace they bought for me — a simple silver chain with an evil eye pendant.

Last month, my treasured souvenir received some long-overdue TLC from Andy, the shopkeeper at Hot Fusion Metal & Glass Works in Calgary’s Art Central. He polished the chain and set the evil eye in a simple silver loop:

Now, I wear my necklace all the time. And every time I do, I think of my grandparents. Ada and Don were inseparable from the day they first met — in elementary school. When she was deathly ill in high school, he delivered her homework until she recovered. They rode motorcycles together. They married, raised three kids and ran thriving businesses. And, adventurers they were, they traveled.

My grandpa Don died years ago, but my grandma Ada is still an explorer. When I emailed her last week, she wrote back from a cruise ship that had just sailed, coincidentally, from Hong Kong. She and my aunt had visited Stanley Market during the stopover. “It is much more developed now,” she wrote, “but I guess twenty-five years makes a difference.”

Treasured people pass along treasured jewelry.

Along with my evil eye, I have pendants from three great-grandmothers I often miss.

The pendant on the left is from my great-grandmother Lindy, who made delicious homemade donuts and was known to express her affection for you with a quick slap to the cheek.

The middle pendant is from my great-grandmother Ruby, who was the first woman in her town to learn to drive and likely one of the last women of her time left standing – she died on her 99th birthday.

The pendant on the right is from my great-grandmother Alma, who, upon every visit, offered smiles and — important to a chocolate-loving kid — macaroons. She was married to my great-grandfather, Wilfrid, for 71 years. Incredible.

Beautiful women, beautiful jewelry.


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