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Bug Bites and Boot Camps

27 Jun

I’m covered in mosquito bites this morning. My feet, my legs, my elbows, my back — the mosquitoes went to town on me this weekend.

I even have three on my face. I’m in my office this morning, covered in vinegar to make the itching stop. The vinegar works but I’m not convinced it’s worth the smell. Here’s my itchy, vinegary foot:

(Hmmm…I should’ve thought about that photo a little bit more before I took it. Note to self: makeup required before blog photos.)

I’m looking for tips — any recommendations for natural mosquito repellants/itch remedies that work?

I’ve yet to find a natural repellant that’s effective. I’ve read that eating a clove or two of garlic daily deters mosquitoes, and quite possibly deters husbands, friends and co-workers.

I got all these mosquito bites from new workout I tried and highly recommend, as long as you’re wearing mosquito repellant. Remember when we talked about tabata training and I thought my arms would fall off? Until now, I haven’t really been able to do a tabata workout properly without a trainer. The 20-seconds-on are too intense for me to monitor the timer properly. I end up cheating a lot.

The team at MotionTraxx came out with a new and free boot camp workout that’s based on tabata. It’s the first of three planned boot camp workouts. This one mixes squats, burpees, push-ups, planks and other forms of torture for a 45-minute workout.

It is a sponsored podcast so they do plug Gatorade G Series but that’s fine with me. It’s far cheaper than a trainer and almost as good.

The workout in itself isn’t super-intense so I kicked it off with six rounds of the stairs at Crescent Heights. That was overkill. I recommend combining the boot camp with easy to moderate cardio.

And, of course, bug spray.



Motion Traxx

29 Mar

Oof. I’m still smarting from a spinning workout on the weekend. When I sit down, I’m never quite sure that I’m going to stand up again. I’m glowing, too, the way you do after a great workout.

I had no photographer to record it for posterity so here’s me on a completely unrelated, much easier cruise through Berlin.

Because the post-workout pain/glow came from a solo workout rather than a class, you can experience it, too.

It’s from Motion Traxx, a fitness music podcast from Deekron, The Fitness DJ. Let me rephrase, that’s a free fitness music podcast.


Based on plenty of glowing reviews, I decided to check out a coached cycling podcast from Gregg Cook, a popular spin instructor at NYC’s Equinox. I’ve heard he’s amazing so on Sunday, my iPod, Gregg and I hit the gym.

Gregg — we’re on a first name basis  although he’s never heard of me —  tells you to imagine you’re out for an afternoon road ride with a group of 16 cyclist friends. Everyone’s fit and competitive. There’s no March snow in this dreamed-up world.

He leads you over three tough hills as you take on challenges from other riders. At one point, I was pushing my way the top of a steep, steep hill, standing out of my seat, breathing like a horse on the last stretch of the Kentucky Derby, struggling desperately to stay ahead of another rider.

Then, I suddenly remembered I was at the gym, the other rider was imaginary and I looked crazy.

All in all, a great workout, notwithstanding my pride.

Everything is timed to music, so when Gregg tells you —  shouts at you — to push, push, push at 110 RPM, you have an appropriately motivating soundtrack to get there.

The workout is as good as everything you’ll get in a spin class, but you can do it on your own schedule. Until it stops snowing, it’s a good way to pretend you’re actually out on your bike.


PS – The workout I tried was Get Cyc’d, Part II. I enjoyed it enough that I’m going to try this coached running podcast tonight.

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