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Wurst: The Best Idea

20 Jun

Meet my new home away from home, Wurst Restaurant and Beer Hall. It’s gorgeous, has great beer and, perhaps best of all, has something called a lamb confit crepe that is destined to become its own food group in my diet.

The Bavarian-inspired spot opened last week, in the old Wildwood space on 24th Ave and 4th St. SW. The interior has been reworked extensively and features massive, beautiful trees between the tables on the main floor, which is the restaurant level, and rows of long wooden tables in the basement, the beer hall level.

Opening night was fantastic. Despite happening on the same night as Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, the place was packed from start to finish. Drinks were consumed, oysters were slurped and bratwurst was devoured. Here are a few party pics:

From left to right in the shot above, we have my friend Anna and three of my Calgary Herald friends and writers — Gwendolyn Richards, Valerie Berenyi and Lisa Kadane — and yours truly. (Note the navy blazer. I wasn’t kidding around when I said I’d shop for one.)

Two or seven drinks later — it’s hard to keep count when the servers are so on top of handing you another — we ran into Pierre Lamielle, chef and author of the Kitchen Scraps cookbook (which I’ve written about before, here):

And Kevin Kent, founder and owner of Knifewear, the coolest knife boutique in town:

Anyone looking for German-inspired eats or just a cool new drinking spot will appreciate Wurst. I have a feeling that includes lots and lots of YYC people. So, if the beer hall is full, please scooch over and make room for me. If I’m there first, I’ll do the same.



Making The Cut

22 Oct


Check out this new toy:

Tojiro DP Knife

Pretty sweet, n’est ce pas?

When I first moved to Calgary, I didn’t have a cent to spare. When I did, my cents went to the necessities of life  like Frye boots and new skis. Good knives? Whatever. I bought a shiny set of six from a no name store and they looked great sitting on the counter top. For cutting, however, they fall far short of great. I tortured vegetables. My diced tomatoes looked like I gnawed them into pieces and spit them onto the cutting board. Gordon Ramsey would’ve blown a gasket.

Then, a dear friend bought me this Tojiro knife from Knifewear, here in Calgary. This specialty shop specializes in knives made by the makers of Japanese samurai swords. You can even see the folds of steel in the blade of my Tojiro. This knife is from Niigata City, Japan — an area famous for knives and sake.

Methinks homemade sushi is in order for this weekend. Tomorrow, we’ll hit the shops for fresh tuna and salmon, and roll ourselves a little party.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, dears! Any big plans?


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