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Dear Santa, from Michelle

25 Nov

Santa, Christmas is one month away, as I’m sure you’re well aware. I’m also pretty certain I’ve landed a spot on your “Nice” list, because I have not been naughty this year. (Aside from that time in Rio de Janeiro, but I read your code of conduct, which states, “Naughtiness does not count if you’re on vacation in another continent. Especially if you’re single.”)

You’ve been very good to me in years past. For that, I send you much love. (Please pass that on to the Mrs. and the rest of the crew, as well.)

But, right now I’m also sending you something else: my 2010 Christmas wish list.

I won’t bother listing the regular items you so thoughtfully include every year, things like Toffifee candy and socks. No, this year I’m cutting right to the chase. Without further ado, here are the five things I’m dreaming of most: (Of course, these are aside from my standard dreams, which include a white Christmas, world peace and a date with Ryan Gosling.)

A KitchenAid stand mixer from the Custom Metallic Series. Should you deliver this to my Christmas tree, I promise to use the mixer next Christmas to whip up a batch of those milk chocolate chip cookies you adore.

This first-layer thermal underwear from Burton, called the Luxury Midweight Crew and Pant, will keep me warm when I’m downhill or cross-country skiing.

Long underwear seems like a practical request, doesn’t it, Santa? Good. Because next up on my ultimate wish list is something that falls more on the “want” than the “need” side of things. This David Yurman beauty, called the Moonlight Ice Ring with a prasiolite stone, blows my mind. If you shimmy down the chimney with this ring in your pocket, I promise to be a good girl for the rest of my life. Even when I’m single and visiting another continent.

I know you don’t like buying clothes for people, Santa. I get it — sizing is tricky. But I’m going to make this easy for you. Rich and Skinny Jeans, my favourite denim brand, has a cargo legging pant that I need, I can’t live without. So, here’s what you need to know about the pants: They’re called the Cargo Legging by Rich and Skinny. Holt Renfrew carries them. I like them in Dark Olive or Dark Moss. I’m size 26. And every time I wear them, I’ll think fondly of the Clauses.

Last but not least, I’m moving into a new apartment in December and could really use some help stocking my shelves with essentials. Like wine. If you were to wrap up a bottle or two — or *fingers crossed* a whole case — of my favourite white, Evolution, I’d be thrilled. And I’d certainly open a bottle up stat and make a toast in your honour.

That about covers my ultimate Christmas wish list, Santa, so thanks for your time and attention. I’m sure you’ll make some stellar choices this year.

But really, as long as I don’t wake up to this stocking on Christmas morning, I’ll be one happy girl:


Michelle xo


A new Roots pom pom toque to love, and other enviable options

18 Nov

It’s amazing what you can find when you sort through your wallet. Or, at least, what you can find when you sort through a wallet that’s as crammed and messy like mine.

The other day, I found a business card for someone I do not know. A frequent customer card for Missing Link Extraordinary Sausage at the Calgary Farmers’ Market. (Random, yes. What can I say? I love their Mahatma Bombay sausages all grilled up, sliced and atop a pile of fresh greens.) A stash of rolled-up dental floss; I never leave home without it. And — the most exciting bit — a $20 gift card for Roots. Wherever did you come from, gift card? No matter, for I was happy to see you.

At the store, I hmm’d and haaa’d. Finally, I settled on the Aurora Pom Pom Toque ($24).

Here it is, when professional photographers shoot it.

And here it is when I try to shoot it myself. Note how the pom pom — a key component, for sure — is absent. My bad.

And should you want to venture beyond Roots — we encourage you to, because one toque is not enough to survive in this winter wonderland — let’s examine some other enviable options for winter.

I love the look of this Michael Kors Rugby Hooded Neck Warmer. It’s so chic. But let’s face it: like fingerless gloves and empire waist dresses, boys just might not get it. Who cares? Should you wear this, any stylish girl who sees you on the street will drool all over it and then you can go on your merry, warm way.

How about this Canada Goose Aviator? It’s sexy. And it’s versatile. I can picture wearing this to a Flames game — walking miles and miles from wherever we’ve managed to find a parking spot. You know how it is. — or hill-side at Lake Louise.

On the Canada Goose note, did you hear about how the company teamed up with Holt Renfrew to create a limited edition toque? The goal is to raise $100,000 for Polar Bears International, a non-profit that’s trying to conserve the world’s polar bears and their environments. When you buy one of these $50 toques, either online or in the stores, a portion of the proceeds will be given to the organization. We like the cause. We really like the toque. And because it comes in two colours — red and black — we just might wear this Canada Goose toque to the Flames game and save the Aviator for another day.

Now, one more great, local option for you. The women behind Knittles hand-knit their adorable toques, scarves and more. You can find them here on Etsy. And then you can cozy up in something as cute as their Slouchy Lumberjack Hat.

Is your head spinning with all the wonderful possibilities? Don’t worry — a toque will hold it straight.

Stay warm, friends!


My big fat gold watch

2 Nov

For years, I didn’t wear a watch. With some sort of time-telling device always in the vicinity — a phone, computer, BlackBerry, another human with a watch — why would I?

I don’t know why my bare wrist suddenly felt the need to be adorned. But, a few months ago, I bought a Michael Kors watch from Holt Renfrew and have been loving it ever since.

It’s heavy. Its wide face and mannish design make my wrist feel girly. And it gets noticed.

At a work breakfast the other day, the woman sitting next to me — a friendly, stylish lawyer — commented on my watch. I praised its virtues and told her that, in the lead-up to me buying the piece, I’d visited Holts a few times to check it out. Every time, the guy behind the counter would take one look at me and say, “Here to visit your watch?”

The only thing I pondered on those visits was the eternal, burning question: silver or gold?

I used to be a silver girl. But in recent years, I’ve been loving the gold. It all started when I received beautiful necklaces from two of my great-grandmothers. Both are long, gold and have gold pendants. I wear them all the time, which is why my girlfriends gave me a stack of gold rings on my birthday a couple of years back. And the gold trend continued.

That’s why when decision day came, I went with the gold Michael Kors. Haven’t regretted it since. I wear it with gold. I wear it with silver. I wear it all the time, and I love how it dresses up any outfit (including the shlubby t-shirt and jeans I’m wearing as I write this).

All the fashion benefits aside, there’s one more. I’m no longer the girl who’s always interrupting to ask, “Excuse me, do you have the time?”


Hat Tricks

3 Aug
Gucci Toque, image courtesy of Gucci.com

Gucci Toque, image courtesy of Gucci.com

We recently attended the 2010 Holt Renfrew Fall Fashion Launch. Always a fun affair, this event involves drinking champagne while watching the sexiest employees of Calgary Holt’s walk down a makeshift runway wearing the “must haves” for the upcoming season.

Now, should you ever get invited to one of these events, it’s key to comport yourself appropriately. By that, we mean dress fashionably (without looking like you’re trying to hard), drink champagne gracefully while taking notes and photos, and display interest in the clothes while maintaining a certain air of haughtiness. It’s a tough act.

And we failed miserably. Here’s why: Barb Atkin, the vice-president of fashion direction for Holt Renfrew, called toques the absolute “must have” accessory for men and women in all seasons. At that point, we started nudging each other like two junior high girls who just got winked at by a high school quarterback. Yep, we were pretty chuffed.

According to the always stylishly dressed Ms. Atkin (who stole the show in her blue python print Stella McCartney dress), toques have been popping up everywhere all summer. She’s seen them on stylish lids in airports and in downtown Toronto on 30-plus days.

Ahhh.. Music to our ears.  Check out this little Gucci number that’ll be in Holt Renfrew stores this fall.

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