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Friday Night Dinner Club

25 Feb

Ah, Friday, lovely Friday, so nice to see you again. I’m hoping that you bring an end to the -30 lockdown over the city.

I’m giddy about dinner this evening with three of my girlfriends. We’re staying in from the cold, drinking wine and eating homemade pear-and-gorgonzola pizza.

These girls are stylish group. Our gracious host was recently style-spotted at New York Fashion Week for the UK’s Telegraph newspaper. My co-Toque Michelle will be there, as well as our friend Kelly, who makes a living generally being the coolest person in town.

I’m willing to bet money we’ve all thought about our outfits already — after all, no one wants to be the style dud in this lot.

So, here’s my plan. I’ll start with wide-leg jeans from J-Brand, which will be comfy even with a belly full of pizza.

Then, this Victorian lace top from Tibi that I can’t get enough of:

Obviously, I need a sweater. My elbows aren’t coming out until we’re solidly on the plus side of Celsius. So I’m pulling out this cardigan which I scored for $20 in the Old Navy maternity section. Now, before you all freak out, I am not pregnant. My sister made me go with her into the maternity section. I saw this sweater and wanted. I wanted it more when I saw it was on sale for $20. I get scores of compliments on it but, a warning, you’ve got to wear it without the belt or you do look pregnant.

And my Frye engineer boots over warm socks:

See you later, girls. To the rest, have a great and safe weekend, dears!


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