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An Outfit for Christmas Morning

17 Dec

I laughed when a friend asked if we still sleep at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve. Of course we do! And we probably always will. Where else will Santa find us?

There’s something enchanting about being at my parent’s home on Christmas Eve, drinking wine on the couch as my mom goes through the night-before preparations. I perform the very important job of providing the evening’s entertainment — like impromptu Lady Gaga dance-off’s and taste-testing baklava. Eventually, my parents go to bed and I, in my old age, have adopted the role of chief elf. I stuff the stockings, put the presents under the tree and set the breakfast table for the morning.

Our morning routine is pretty typical. We sit around in our p.j.’s, opening presents and snacking on chocolate. Someone usually runs about with a camera, recording the family bedhead and worn-out sweatpants for posterity.

Which is why it’s a wise idea to put a little planning into my Christmas morning outfit. Here’s a look that I’m loving for this year…

These cute striped pyjamas from Idlewild London (For our American readers, Canadians spell p.j.’s “pyjamas,” not “pajamas.” One of those British empire holdovers, I suppose.):

With my crazy curly hair, I’ll be rocking a monster afro Christmas morning. I’d love to keep a lid on the curls with this luxury cashmere Santa hat from Karen Meyer’s Etsy shop:

I have chronically cold feet so warm slippers are a must. At a recent local art market, I spotted these super soft slippers by the small Ontario company Hides in Hand. I’ve been dreaming of them ever since:

I’ll be picture-perfect and present-ready.


PS — One of my favourite boutiques, Shisomiso, has 25% off all clothing right now. If anyone wants to buy me the blue-and-white coat in the window, I’m cool with that.

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