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Calgary Anthropologie

17 Nov

Don’t you love this cute look from Anthropologie?

I heart big-time. One of the things I love most about it is the versatility of the dress. You could wear this to work or to weekend brunch with your most fashionable girlfriends. Unlike most dresses, you could get away with this piece throughout most of the winter — except those days when it snows like nuts. Like today. And tomorrow. And probably the day after.

I love it, too, as a plane outfit to get away from the snow. You’d be the pretty girl in the airport that everyone checks out.

Calgary’s first Anthropologie store opens at Chinook Centre exactly one month from today. Be still my heart, I can’t wait.

To anyone who will be buying me presents this Christmas, you can invest in any of the following (as well as the above, just in case I wasn’t clear) and be guaranteed of a whopping good response on Christmas morning:

I love this whole look, even the bike.

And this for parties:

And this for underneath because I adore the comfy lingerie line Eberjey, carried at select Anthropologie stores (and Holt Renfrew):

And these for work. I do, after all, work from home and believe wholeheartedly that drawstring-pant Mondays should be enforced everywhere:

Kundalini Loungers

You could wrap everything up in this hammered gold paper, also from Anthropologie:

Hammered Gold Paper

Tie it with this:

Baker's Twine

And I promise to act really surprised Christmas morning.


*All photos courtesy of Anthropologie

A PS — As many of you know, I got married this fall. The groom looked pretty dapper that day, don’t you think?

But he’s definitely let himself go.

Seriously, we were married two months and look what happened:

Holy smokes.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, then it disintegrated further, into this:

I know what you’re thinking. I’m a saint for sticking with this guy. In fact, this probably counts as justifiable grounds for an annulment.

Please don’t let my suffering go in vain. I’d appreciate it if you could help a guy out with his fundraising for Movember. Please donate here.

* Wedding photo courtesy of Open Image


And they’re back!

20 Oct

Hello dears!

Our apologies for disappearing from your computer screens for the last six weeks. We could lie to you and tell you that every single one of our fingers dropped off.

But with two girls, that’s 20 fingers and extremely low odds that you’d believe us. So here’s the truth: one of us got married, one moved (without leaving town, thank goodness!), someone went to San Francisco and shopped too much, someone went to DC and shopped too much, a husband moved in, someone organized a major charity luncheon. There were charity races and new boys, pregnant sisters and pregnant sisters-in-law and two more girlfriends went from pregnancy to motherhood. Things have been, you know, busy.

We promise never to disappear again. Talk to you tomorrow.

Oh, and check out this new lovely toque from Anthropologie. It’s from the cute Anthropologie in Georgetown. (Less than one month to go and we’ll have an Anthropologie within lunch-hour radius. Dangerous.)

Anthropologie Solitary Hat


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