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Airport Manicures

8 Aug

I hate leaving on a trip without a fresh manicure. But a pre-trip manicure rarely happens. More often than not, I leave for the airport with my nails in a state of disgrace. That’s the way I roll.

On our trip to Ottawa last weekend, I tried out a new-to-me concept: the airport manicure. Usually, my poorly-cared-for nails and I just sprint by the airport spas without a glance. But with a long unplanned delay in Toronto, I headed over for a manicure at 10 Minute Manicure.

Consider me sold. The staff are great about asking when your flight boards and where your gate is so you’re not late. They take into account whether you’re wearing flipflops before considering a pedicure. They made sure my id and boarding pass were in a wet-nail-accessible place. And the prices are great for an airport. A 10-minute mani starts at $15.

I’m done stressing about pre-trip manicures. From now on, I’m all about the airport spa. Check out all their airport locations here.

Now, we just need a nail bar beyond the security barrier in the Calgary airport. If they can build a tunnel to the airport, surely a decent manicure spot is a reasonable request?


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