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K-Way Jackets

10 Aug

I learned my lesson today. White shirts are dangerous and should never be worn in public without a backup.

No, I didn’t spill soy sauce or fall in the mud.

Instead, I walked to a coffee shop about 20 minutes from home while wearing a white boyfriend shirt with a black lace bra underneath. I didn’t bring a jacket or an umbrella.

Don’t forget the bra. That’s a critical detail.

Two hours later, I got up to head home. I packed up my things and walked out the door of the shop. Right then, the sky cracked. It started to rain cats and dogs and some elephants and monkeys, too.

And I started to run, looking very much like a girl who had been signed up in a wet T-shirt competition as a joke.

Lucky for me, I like coffee shops that are surrounded by fun independent boutiques. They don’t sell things like umbrellas. But they do sell….K-way jackets!

Do you remember these?

Remember the best part? You can pack them up like this…

This is me after my walk home.

My husband burst out laughing as soon as he saw me. Thus, the extreme lack of focus. Sorry about that. He was shaking and gasping for air at the time. I don’t know why. I thought I looked quite good for someone who just walked home in the rain with a bag full of groceries.

I know. You want a K-Way, too.



Erin Kleinberg Fall 2011

28 Jul

In my dream world, summer lasts year round.

But I’ll be okay with autumn as long as I can wear this:

It’s from Erin Kleinberg, a Canadian designer who is based out of NYC. She’s also a co-founder of The Coveteur, a dangerously addictive blog which peeks into the closets of some of North America’s most stylish.

I’m a huge fan of Kleinberg’s clothing. She makes T-shirts that drape just the way T-shirts should. She’s known for adding little embellishments to clothing — things like gold zippers and sequined epaulettes — that make the pieces stand out.

I saw her fall 2011 collection this week. It’s my favourite yet. So, dear readers, have a gawk below.

How fantastic is this coat? I could use this on my October San Francisco trip.

And a few more…

(Dear husband who made me to walk through snow in the middle of July when we could’ve been swimming, take note. I happily accept presents.)

The line is available in Canada at Holt Renfrew and in the US at Barneys New York, Nordstrom Via C and Saks Fifth Avenue.


My New Army Green Jacket

25 Jul

Happy Monday, readers.

It’s late Sunday afternoon and I’ve just returned from a fantastic mom/daughter weekend in Banff. (I feel so lucky to have had her all to myself for the weekend. We had great talks, ate fantastic food and laughed harder than I have in a long time.)

It’s hot and sunny outside and I’m itching to go for a run, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet and introduce you to my latest purchase: a Kill City army green jacket. Here it is on my post-spa, blissed out self, while waiting for a cab outside The Rimrock Resort Hotel on Saturday night:

And here it is from the back:

I also found this cool vest version on the Kill City site:

I picked up the jacket at Primitive a few weeks ago and plan on wearing it all summer. Come fall, it will be the perfect way to toughen up my girly dresses.

Right now, though, all I have on my mind is running. My toe isn’t painful anymore — just hideous — so I leave you now to hit the trails.

Have a lovely day.


Stampeding Style

7 Jul

It’s time to cowgirl up, whether you like it or not. Now, y’all, please remember there’s a fine line between cowgirl and hillbilly. No one needs to see bum cheeks poking out from shorts at the company’s pancake breakfast.

Have you ever heard of the Canadian label Lily & Jae? Created by Vancouver’s Jude Feller, it’s ideal for Stampede, a bum-cheek-covering mix of urban chic and Western charm.

White eyelet dresses and skirts always work well at Stampede. Club Monaco came out with a great piece, the Tallis Skirt, this week:

Skip the heels and pair it with these fun boots from Canada West Boots:

And this denim tank from another Canadian label, Mia Melon:

Finally, if there’s a Stampede pool party where some cheek is appropriate, rock it in this little number from Chanel:

Have a good one!


5 Questions with Rachel Mielke of Hillberg & Berk

28 Jun

Rachel Mielke is a cool chick.

Celebs like Carrie Underwood and Sarah McLachlan wear her Hillberg & Berk jewelry. She’s been featured on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, convinced Calgary businessman and then-dragon, Brett Wilson, to become her business partner and has even won awards for being an outstanding entrepreneur. She’s also a fantastic contributor to a cause I’m passionate about — the Wings of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation.

As someone who loves jewelry, I can say that her jewelry is gorgeous. And as someone who volunteers on the Wings of Hope board, I can say that we really, really love having her involved in our annual fundraiser, which will be held this year on October 19 at the Hyatt. With Rachel’s jewelry raising funds for the cause — she’s making a unique necklace and bracelet just for the Wings of Hope lunch — and singer/breast cancer survivor Bif Naked as our guest speaker, the event will be fantastic. (If you’re interested in tickets, act fast! We’re almost sold out.)

Here are just a few of her designs:

Now, let’s get to the five questions!

What was the inspiration behind your summer collection?

I pulled inspiration from the French Riviera for this collection as it is a little softer, ocean-y and very luxurious!

How often do you come to Calgary and, when you’re here, what spots do you like to hit? 

I am in Calgary once every couple of months and my favourite spots to shop are Crabapple Clothing and Modern Country Interiors. My style is part luxury part country so I get my fix at they great stores.

What do you think of Coco Chanel’s rule that you should always take one piece of jewelry off before leaving the house?

Ha ha this is cute, one of my favourite quotes of hers is that “women should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Every woman’s definition of fabulous is different. I love to see how some women wear H&B jewellery with 6 pieces on at once and others choose that one piece they love and just wear it. We all have our own definition of fabulous and as long as that is how we feel when we get dressed, who’s to judge.

Fill in the blanks, please: My dream vacation would involve going to Bali, so I can surf and spa it up! And I would definitely pack my H&B jewels, Jessica Jensen purses and about 20 pairs of shoes!

Toques – love ‘em or hate ‘em? What about in summer?

Love toques! My grandma knits me custom ones with all kinds of beautiful yarn and I have started to decorate them with buttons and Swarovski crystal. I probably have 20 toques but I only wear them in fall and winter.

You can find Rachel’s designs in Calgary at Crabapple Clothing, Mariah’s Clothing, O’Connors and Modern Country Interiors.

Packing for Las Vegas

22 Jun

I’m heading to Las Vegas this weekend for a girls’ trip and to say that I’m looking forward to it would be a severe understatement.

Anna and I have spent some time discussing what to pack for a weekend in which the primary activities will be lounging by the pool, eating great dinners out and dancing all night long.

Here’s what I’ve come up with.

First, I’m packing this DV by Dolce Vita Audrina Romper, which I found at Kim Stern’s awesome boutique, Apt 22. With it, I’ll wear my new, sky-high black Modern Vintage heels, which are actually comfortable enough for an all-night dancing shift. This romper is on the short side, for sure — I held it up to a couple of tank tops and found the entire piece to be shorter than the tops. If I drop something while wearing this, I’m kissing it goodbye — ain’t no bendin’ over in this thing:

I’ll also bring these BCBG shoes, to be worn with an army green dress from FCUK:

And this L Space Eye Katcher bikini. I found it a few weeks ago at She Apparel. It’s sexy without trying too hard.:

Some people have said that going to Vegas so close to Stampede seems like a bad idea. They think we’ll have burned through our party reserves.

I beg to differ. I can think of no better training for Stampede than a trip to Vegas. By the time July 8 rolls around, we’ll be finely tuned party machines.

Just give me a day or two to recover from this weekend and I’ll be good to go.


Nike Free Run + 2

14 Jun

Meet my new addiction:

First, the obvious selling point: if I fall down in the dark and get trapped under one of the banana trees around our house, I’m easy to find. Just look for the shoelaces.

These Nike Free Run +2  are my new walking shoes. When it comes to long distance runs, I remain wholeheartedly a Mizuno Wave girl.  But the Waves aren’t great for long walks. Enter the Free Runs, the lightest shoes I’ve ever picked up. In fact, I thought they forgot to put them in the shoebox when I got them. There’s no tongue, just a mesh overlay. Apparently, these shoes were designed based on the “delicate anatomy of the foot” and promote a natural, barefoot stride.

Put simply, they’re just plain comfortable.

They’re also very good for running sprints. But I’m on holiday so sprints are not part of the conversation. But walking miles along the beach at sunset? I’m in.


New Joe Fresh Store in CrossIron Mills

9 Jun

Last night, my friend Alyssa and I checked out new Joe Fresh store, which opens to the public today in CrossIron Mills.

Our first impression: Wow, the store is big! The picture below doesn’t do the size justice:

My second thought: I’m happy Joe Fresh has a stand-alone store in town, because I’ve never been good at browsing for clothes in Superstore. Thoughts of food distract me and, before you know it, I’m standing in the dairy aisle marveling at the crazy deal on the block of aged cheddar cheese.

The store is filled with so many cute, reasonably priced things that it’s almost overwhelming.

Here’s a small sample:

In the end, I bought this top — something I can wear to work and to a casual nighttime outing — for a whopping $29:

I was also thrilled to meet Mr. Joe Fresh himself, Joseph Mimran. Joe is the brand’s creative director and the co-founder of Club Monaco, and he looked as chic as you’d expect one of Canada’s most stylish men to be:

With some opening week deals going on right now, the store is definitely worth checking out.

You can always stop at Superstore for the cheese on your way home.


An Outfit For Cavalia

8 Jun

I’m really looking forward to seeing Cavalia this week, but the question looms: what to wear?

The outfit will begin with my striped white and navy tank top from BCBG. Next up, a crisp navy blazer. A slight obstacle: I don’t own a crisp navy blazer. However, I’ve been perusing some websites and have fallen in love with this one from Scotch & Soda:

And this one-button blazer from Smythe. It’s. Just. Too. Good.

The navy blazer is key to this look, so you may see me out shopping this evening.

As for my bottom half, I’ll wear my favourite Rich and Skinny jeans:

And tuck them into my Frye Paige boots:

To finish the outfit, I’ll add gold jewelry, like the long chain and clock pendant from my great-grandmother Ruby and this stretch bracelet from FCUK:

At that point, I think I’ll be ready for my date with the horsies.


My Little Black Dress

31 May

Let’s discuss little black dresses and how every girl should own one.

This girl does. I found my trusty Nicole Miller a few years ago, at Primitive on 17th Ave. At the time, I wondered whether I should spend so many pennies on one dress.

I’m happy I did. My LBD is fitted, to the knee, sleeveless and ruched. It’s the perfect wardrobe staple — it’s basic enough that switching accessories changes the whole look and it’s classy enough to go anywhere.

And this dress has been worn many places, including fancy dinners, Christmas parties, fundraisers, fashion shows and galas. I love that, even if an event pops up at the last minute, I feel prepared.

Take last week as an example, when I received a last-minute invite to the Premier’s Dinner in Regina, Saskatchewan. Knowing I had my Nicole Miller, I didn’t stress. In the end, though, I opted to bring some local fashion talent to SK. I wore a beautiful silk Lara Presber dress, which also resides in my small dress collection. (I’m sure a few friends are questioning my use of the word “small.”)

My LBD won’t rest for long, because I’ll be wearing it to a big dinner in Lake Louise next week.

This will not be the first time I’ve worn the Nicole Miller to an event in the mountains.

A few years back, I attended Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Waterkeeper Alliance Fundraiser in Banff. The event was lots of fun, made more fun because my friend Jen was also there. I will not bore you with pictures of us with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or Justin Trudeau. No, let’s get to the money shot.

WARNING: If you were an original Beverly Hills, 90210 fan, the following picture may blow your mind.

If there’s ever a time to be wearing a little black dress that makes you feel like a million bucks, it’s when you’re sandwiched between Luke Perry and Jason Priestley. As scruffy as they may be.


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