Christina Frangou & Michelle Magnan

We are best friends, two Canadian writers who specialize in food, fitness and fashion. Fact: we met at a church, of all places, when we both signed up as volunteers — an act driven by guilt over too much shopping, eating and drinking. And that was the last time we ever saw each other at a church. Many bars, shops, fashions shows, yes, but never a church.

We’re both professional journalists who have written for almost every major daily newspaper in Canada, many major magazines, including Maclean’s, Reader’s Digest, People, Flare, Chatelaine, Canadian Business, Profit, Avenue and Toro, and online sites like Sweetspot.ca.

This little blog was conceived over our weekly post-weight-lifting sushi date.  Welcome and enjoy!


Let’s get to know each other a little bit, shall we?

About Michelle:

1. I have a background in finance. Though I’m fond of numbers, I much prefer words. Consequently, I   write a lot of them.
2. One of my favourite meals is brunch. If it involves a fried-egg sandwich, that’s even better.

3. I like to run, lift weights, tackle intervals. My biggest fitness accomplishment in recent history has been mastering chin-ups. (That is, if you consider doing seven full chin-ups in a row “mastering.”) And I like sleep. A lot.

About Christina:

Photo by Martin Zacharias

1. I’m half-Greek-Cypriot, half-Newfie who was born in Melville, Saskatchewan. Seriously. I’ve lived in three countries and five provinces.

2. When we were kids, I used to write stories for my little sister. They weren’t so much stories as lengthy descriptions of the outfits worn by my protagonists (usually Barbie and co., or Bugs Bunny and the ‘toons). I write full-time and spend too much time in my pyjamas.

3. I’m really not fond of brunch — unless it’s 9 a.m. or earlier. But that’s generally called breakfast. In any case, I’d trade all meals for ice cream sandwiches.

3.5.  I recently got married to a “very rad guy” (his words, not mine, but, yes, I think he’s quite awesome).

Feel free to email us at toquegirls@toquegirls.com. We won’t bite.

About the photos in our header and on this page:

Our amazing photographer is Martin Zacharias, who is also brother-in-law extraordinaire, a wonderful physiotherapist at the University of Calgary, maker of best-ever home pizzas, wedding chauffeur and beef-jerky acquirer. Yes, he’s pretty awesome.

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