K-Way Jackets

10 Aug

I learned my lesson today. White shirts are dangerous and should never be worn in public without a backup.

No, I didn’t spill soy sauce or fall in the mud.

Instead, I walked to a coffee shop about 20 minutes from home while wearing a white boyfriend shirt with a black lace bra underneath. I didn’t bring a jacket or an umbrella.

Don’t forget the bra. That’s a critical detail.

Two hours later, I got up to head home. I packed up my things and walked out the door of the shop. Right then, the sky cracked. It started to rain cats and dogs and some elephants and monkeys, too.

And I started to run, looking very much like a girl who had been signed up in a wet T-shirt competition as a joke.

Lucky for me, I like coffee shops that are surrounded by fun independent boutiques. They don’t sell things like umbrellas. But they do sell….K-way jackets!

Do you remember these?

Remember the best part? You can pack them up like this…

This is me after my walk home.

My husband burst out laughing as soon as he saw me. Thus, the extreme lack of focus. Sorry about that. He was shaking and gasping for air at the time. I don’t know why. I thought I looked quite good for someone who just walked home in the rain with a bag full of groceries.

I know. You want a K-Way, too.



One Response to “K-Way Jackets”

  1. Nicole Zacharias August 10, 2011 at 2:48 pm #

    lol- you look cute!

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