Life In Ottawa

3 Aug

I’m here in Ottawa, my home for the next month. The boy is completing a month of training in Ottawa and I came along for the adventure.

I spent five years here as an undergrad eons ago. We didn’t have blogs back in my time. Between then and now, I forgot what a wonderful city this is in the summer. Warm weather, great restaurants with reams of patio space, countless pubs, history, architecture, art, and running and biking paths galore.

We found a one-bedroom apartment to sublet in Lower Town. Depending on which direction you walk, we’re in a beautiful neighbourhood with grand old homes and a view of the Gatineau Hills or a super-dodgy urban hood where eye contact with strangers is ill-advised. We also have a view of Parliament Hill. See? (Look closely. We took this photo with my phone because I forgot my camera back in Alberta.)

The boy bikes to work along the canal every morning at 5:45. I sleep in for a bit and then do a home yoga practice. We both work all day and I finish off with a run along one of the great pathways. Tonight, for instance, I cruised by the Prime Minister’s residence.

Almost every evening so far, we’ve walked to Byward Market for dinner al fresco. Stella Osteria is my favourite so far. Check out this fig pizza:

Our kitchen is pretty small and poorly equipped. We have no spices, one cooking pot and two flimsy knives that bend on impact with a tomato. Still, I’m intent on cooking here if only to justify buying fresh fruits and vegetables at the market. Who could resist?

                                                                                   Photo by Brandon Senior

After all that eating, our plan is to rent road bikes one weekend and go riding in Gatineau Park. It’s an ambitious plan, which will involve a steep climb. But I think this looks pretty irresistible, don’t you?

                                                                                Photo from



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