Sharp Corners, Bad Owies

2 Aug

A few months ago, I banged my shin on the corner of my bed frame as I was making the bed. My skin split open and eventually bruised. Now, I have a lovely little scar as a reminder.

You’d think I’d be able to navigate the sharp corners of my own bed frame. It’s not new. It’s not in a different spot in my room. All this considered, I blame my clumsiness that day on my lack of caffeine.

However, maybe I should start blaming it on my genes.

Look closely at these three shins and see if you notice anything in particular:

That’s my shin on the left, my grandmother’s in the middle and my mom’s on the right — and we all have scars from sharp bed frame corners. My mom landed hers on my parents’ frame at home; my grandmother’s scar is more exotic and hails from a bed frame on a cruise ship.

Discovering that we’ve all cut ourselves up like this made me feel better. And I have a sneaking suspicion that we three ladies are not the only people to have lost a fight with the corner of our beds.

Regardless, next time I buy a bed, I might look for a rounded frame. And padded corners.



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