What to Pack for Folk Fest

20 Jul

Subtitle: Ways To Procrastinate Yet Appear Constructively Engaged

Sub-Subtitled: I’m excited for Calgary folk fest to start!

The boy and I are going to tomorrow evening’s show to see City and Colour and Joel Plaskett. Huzzah! And our littlest nephew is coming, too. More huzzahs!

Plus, there’s the whole food thing. I expect to find hundreds of new good things to eat from local vendors, restaurants and farmers. I’m readying now by drinking loads of water and expanding the stomach. (That’s how speed eaters train. I’m serious. I read a book about it once.)

Want to waste some time with me today and get our folk fest kit together?

Packing for folk fest is a delicate balance, you know. Bring too much and you’re stuck in one spot, don’t bring enough and you could be stuck standing. In the rain.

Here’s my folk fest collection 2011:

Includes sunglasses (not pictured), rain jacket, bug spray, camera, sunscreen, an old suede bag from Mexico and giant blanket originally bought somewhere on the California coast.

Note the water bottle.  CFMF and its vendors will not be selling any bottled water on the island but will have free H2O refilling stations for reusable water bottles.

I’ll be wearing my Birkenstocks, my hippie top from a tailor in a mountain village in Cyprus and my old comfy jeans. They’re perfectly worn in and good for things like dancing in mud and dripping baba ghanooj onto.

Who else is there Thursday? Come see me!


PS- Tickets are sold out for Saturday and Sunday but are still available for Friday night. It’s a great show with City and Colour, local stars The BRAIDS and Matt Anderson.


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