Summer Getaways

14 Jul

Wouldn’t you love to be here today?

We could make our dinner in this kitchen:

And here’s where we’ll practice yoga in the morning.

Called the Seido-En Forest House on Salt Spring Island, I’m convinced it’s the perfect place for a Stampeded-out soul.

Yesterday, sometime between the rain and the pancake line-ups, I had an overwhelming desire to escape the city and live in a quiet cottage by the sea.  But instead of finishing my work and earning the moula to buy a cottage by the sea, I wasted the afternoon researching places I could rent.

I like to take the easy road to life.

I checked out, an association of gorgeous bed and breakfasts across Canada. When the boy and I got married last fall, my friend Steph in the UK sent us a gift certificate to It was a fantastic present and one that I can’t wait to use! Don’t you think it’s a great idea for for a wedding gift? I highly recommend it.

Look at these beautiful places available to rent, like here:

Or here:

Or this one:

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to start packing.



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