The Calgary Stampede: A Photo Essay

13 Jul

We’re mid-Stampede and all I can say is: thank goodness.

There are many things I love about Stampede. I love how the city is infused with energy, how everyone is in a good mood and how eating fried foods is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

All of the parties are fantastic, too. However, there are only so many events you can attend before you start craving sleep, yearning for veggies and longing for outfits that don’t require cowboy boots or bandanas.

I’m getting to that breaking point. After a party at Fort Calgary today — which I’m very much looking forward to — my Stampeding plans will be minimal.

So, I think it’s a fitting time to share a handful  of my favourite Stampede moments to date:

Attending Field Law’s party with Christina and listening to country singer Beverley Mahood belt out some tunes.

Finding the oldest CBC shirt known to man while carousing at Wildhorse Saloon.

Finding a killer men’s cowboy shirt while carousing at my friend Anthony’s Stampede BBQ. Shirt is on David in front, Anthony is in back.

Receiving a picture of my cousin’s adorable daughter, Sophia, who’s clearly a Stampede-goer in the making.

Having a lazy day brunch with the fabulous Haithem Elkadiki, Alykhan Velji and Jason Krell at Red’s Diner. I was treated to amazing food and conversation, not to mention the best ‘stache this Stampede has seen.

As for what the rest of the week holds, perhaps I should hit a tent for one last party. I’d also like to watch the rodeo one day. And maybe catch a concert.

Oh, Stampede. Who am I kidding? I don’t want you to end.



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