Nine Toenails And Growing

6 Jul

Well, friends. I’m not happy.

I now have 10 percent fewer toenails. Meet my new, sad stump toe:

Last Wednesday, as I was on my way to a party at West, the toenail on the big toe of my right foot had an unfortunate meeting with a quick-opening door at Scotia Centre. The bottom of the door connected with the corner of my nail and almost ripped it out completely. As my doctor explained on Monday, I experienced a “traumatic partial removal.”

Traumatic, indeed. There was a lot of blood, a visit to first aid at The Bay and, ultimately, the removal of the entire nail yesterday afternoon at a podiatrist’s office.

I’m frustrated that such a quick, silly injury has derailed my best-laid plans and all my efforts to run some great 10-kilometre races this summer. I was supposed to run my first one this Sunday, in the Stampede Road Race.

I’ve been training for these races all year. I’ve worked with my trainer, Kevin (who, if you’ve been reading and wondering, met his goal at the Canadian Track and Field Championships and achieved his All-Canadian status!). I’ve done the running “homework” he’s given me. And I’ve put in some serious gym time.

However, I’m forced to give my toe a break and will miss the race this Sunday. I’m hoping I can run soon and, according to the doctor, I should be able to as soon as I don’t have as much pain.

As I write this on Tuesday night, though, I can feel my heartbeat in my toe. I haven’t hurt this much in a long time.

My friends Martin and Chris took good care of me tonight. They propped my foot up (as you can see in the shot above), fed me veggies and hummus, almonds, strawberries and cheese and, most importantly, made me laugh.

It’s just a toenail, I realize. With some luck, it will grow back just fine, but it’s still bumming me out.

I guess it’s time to rest up, to avoid people two-stepping all over my feet during Stampede and to train harder than ever in a few weeks.

My stump toe and I will see you on the trails soon.



6 Responses to “Nine Toenails And Growing”

  1. Nicole Zacharias July 6, 2011 at 5:19 am #

    ouch! poor u!! get better soon!

  2. Rafael Brusilow July 6, 2011 at 9:05 am #

    Well on the upside Michelle, this experience has taught all of us that you have a very shapely foot. I hope you heal quickly!

  3. Val B. July 6, 2011 at 9:53 am #

    Ow, ow, ow. Poor Michelle. That is a real drag. No cowgirl boots for you, my dear friend.


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