Tabata Training

13 Jun

I am typing with my mose.


My nose. Sorry about that. I can’t reach backspace with my mose.

I’m typing with my mose because I can’t lift my arms. They’re too sore. If I try to touch the keyboard, they’re just going to break right off at the shoulder and roll across the floor.

Have you ever tried tabata training? My trainer introduced me this program. It was developed by the head coach of the Japanese speed-skating team. Izumi Tabata, Ph.D., a former researcher at Japan’s National Institute of Fitness and Sports Tabata and his team studied the speed-skaters’ routine of short sprints combined with even shorter rests. They found this form of training increased maximum aerobic capacity — the body’s ability to consume oxygen — and anaerobic capacity — your ability to maintain a high pace for an extended period or to sprint. (Because Spencer, my brother, my brother-in-law and other science types will ask, here is the original reference.)

It’s ventrical-blowing-ly, leg-shaking-ly brutal – and quite awesome at the same time.

Basically, it’s a series of intervals of 20 seconds of intense activity followed by 10 seconds of rest, with the exercise repeated eight times (for a total four minutes), and consisting of  seven or eight different exercises.

You follow?

For instance, you could do a series of four-minutes each of sprinting intervals, TRX triceps, TRX pull-ups, lunges, step-ups, kettleball swings and abdominal leg lifts.

That’s the series my trainer did with me. At least that’s what I remember — my oxygen levels were running low near the end. Consider yourself warned: the first two rounds seem rather easy. But by round #8, self-strangulation with the TRX straps is awfully appealing.

Good luck!



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