Things We Like Fridays

10 Jun

Friday, so good to see you.

We’ll get right to our hot list for the week:

  • How can you not like the sight of a donkey traveling in the back of a pickup truck as it tears along the autoroute of a Mediterranean island? Hope this makes you laugh as hard as we did. A favourite moment of a very good day, definitely.
  • Waking up to this view of Lake Louise was one of Michelle’s favourite moments this week. It’s no donkey in a truck, but it will do:
  • Good Man, Bad Man song by Ko. Catchy and cool.
  • Big summer sales going on at Azul Couture Boutique and Holt Renfrew. Michelle has done some sale research at HR and may or may not have picked up a fantastic pair of Modern Vintage heels, in preparation for her Las Vegas trip.
  • We were asked about the patio we showed two weeks ago in the favourite things post. It’s in Berlin. For anyone headed to Berlin, here’s a great beer-drinkers’ guide to Berlin.
  • Don’t know about you, but we tire of eating in restaurants. At the end of the day, home-style cooking always beats restaurant cooking. In this piece in The Atlantic, chef Sarah Jenkins makes the case for simplicity, good ingredients, and not overwhelming eaters with salt and fat.
  • And if you’re headed to Cyprus, do stop into this wee pottery shop just outside Chris’ village. The owners make everything themselves from their studio at the back of the shop. It’s her favourite shop on the island.

Now, on with the weekend. See you Monday!

~The Toque Girls

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