A Funny Wedding Idea

7 Jun

Looking for a fun wedding idea? Steal this one from my  brother-in-law and sister-in-law in Fernie, who put on one of the best weddings I’ve ever attended. Among other things, they had a costume party that resulted in guests donning some decidedly un-wedding wedding outfits.

That’s me and Spencer.

When guests, dressed in our regular wedding finery, arrived at the lodge for the reception, we entered single file through one door. We immediately lined up sign the guest book, which was an empty photo album, in the foyer.

Book signed, we moved to the dance floor where three big boxes of costumes were waiting. The bride and groom had collected things for months — from wigs to snorkel masks. We laughed so hard as we put our outfit together. The bride’s cousins took photos of everyone posing in their outfits. What fun for K&B (the bride and groom) to go through all these photos after their wedding!

The husband and I took it quite seriously. In fact, K&B didn’t recognize us in our photo. I barely recognize us.

And how about the gorgeous bride and groom?

~ Chris

PS – We FINALLY have internet here in our little disorganized paradise in the Mediterranean where the national motto is ‘siga, siga’ — slowly, slowly. Promise to provide some updates this week.


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