Dear Tim Hortons

2 Jun

Dear Tim Hortons,

I love you, but sometimes you make me mad.

I love you because you make tasty ham and Swiss cheese sandwiches. You do good things for kids, like yesterday’s Camp Day fundraiser. Also, your chocolate glazed Timbits are crazy good.

And now that we’re approaching summer, your iced coffee will become a staple. Note that, last summer, I listed your iced coffee first in our list of  Weekend Getaway Essentials.

Here’s why I get mad: it’s difficult to make your iced coffee my No. 1 summertime staple when your Calgary locations often run out of iced coffee. This happens regularly, particularly on Friday afternoons.

Sometimes, if the first spot I try is out of iced coffee, I give up. Other times, I refuse to give up and drive around town on a mission. One time last summer, as we prepared to hit the highway for a weekend away, I dragged my friend Sam to four Tim Hortons around town. Nothing. And we had the same results in Airdrie and Red Deer.

Our spirits low, we eventually pulled into the Tim Hortons in Lacombe. Finally, we managed to get our hands on your elusive iced coffee.

After experiences like that last summer, I assumed the glitches would have been ironed out this year. Not so. When I stopped at your 17th Ave. location a couple of weekends ago, they were fresh out.

I have a road trip this weekend, Tim Hortons, so here I am, begging you to ensure iced coffee flows freely at your Calgary locations. If it’s an ice shortage we’re dealing with, let me know. I would be happy to provide my tray of ice cubes.

Because, one day, I’ll stop the hunt for your iced coffee. And it will end up looking like this:




One Response to “Dear Tim Hortons”

  1. Melanie June 2, 2011 at 7:54 am #

    Ah ahaha. I love it. Nicely put my dear, you tell’em!

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