My Little Black Dress

31 May

Let’s discuss little black dresses and how every girl should own one.

This girl does. I found my trusty Nicole Miller a few years ago, at Primitive on 17th Ave. At the time, I wondered whether I should spend so many pennies on one dress.

I’m happy I did. My LBD is fitted, to the knee, sleeveless and ruched. It’s the perfect wardrobe staple — it’s basic enough that switching accessories changes the whole look and it’s classy enough to go anywhere.

And this dress has been worn many places, including fancy dinners, Christmas parties, fundraisers, fashion shows and galas. I love that, even if an event pops up at the last minute, I feel prepared.

Take last week as an example, when I received a last-minute invite to the Premier’s Dinner in Regina, Saskatchewan. Knowing I had my Nicole Miller, I didn’t stress. In the end, though, I opted to bring some local fashion talent to SK. I wore a beautiful silk Lara Presber dress, which also resides in my small dress collection. (I’m sure a few friends are questioning my use of the word “small.”)

My LBD won’t rest for long, because I’ll be wearing it to a big dinner in Lake Louise next week.

This will not be the first time I’ve worn the Nicole Miller to an event in the mountains.

A few years back, I attended Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Waterkeeper Alliance Fundraiser in Banff. The event was lots of fun, made more fun because my friend Jen was also there. I will not bore you with pictures of us with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or Justin Trudeau. No, let’s get to the money shot.

WARNING: If you were an original Beverly Hills, 90210 fan, the following picture may blow your mind.

If there’s ever a time to be wearing a little black dress that makes you feel like a million bucks, it’s when you’re sandwiched between Luke Perry and Jason Priestley. As scruffy as they may be.



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