Things We Like Fridays

27 May

Hooray, hooray Chris’ holiday starts today! (Sorry, Michelle, I don’t mean to gloat. I just really, really, really need a vacation.)

  • Now, if Chris were staying in town, she’d be headed to dinner at Ki Modern, a popular Toronto restaurant that just opened a Calgary version. It’s bloody fantastic! A sockeye salmon-goji berry-spinach roll. Need we say more?
  • And she’d hit the new Skoah spa in Kensington for a facial the next day. Michelle is an addict.
  • Michelle is also currently addicted to Uncle Luigi’s olive oil, sold exclusively at Mercato on 4th St. S.W. It’s straight from Calabria, Italy, and it’s wonderful.
  • In emergency pre-bikini training? Check out this post we did on stability ball butt moves.
  • If you haven’t heard about this already, check this site out, called Hook Chas Up. Chas — and his amazing idea — charmed both of us and, every so often, we check back for updates. We hope he finds a great match.
  • We really like airline upgrades. Just in case anyone from Air  Canada is reading this.
  • Speaking of travel, check out these images from the Royal Geographical Society’s Travel Photographer of the Year.

Happy Memorial Day long weekend to our American readers. Have a drink for us.  And happy almost wedding to Evan and Jen! See you tonight.

~The Toque Girls

One Response to “Things We Like Fridays”

  1. Lucianna June 22, 2011 at 2:44 pm #

    I was able to check out Skoah in Kensington on my lunch break today. The Glo and Go facial was great! Thanks for the link, I will be going back there often!

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