Motivation to Exercise

18 May

Most days, I can’t wait to hit the gym. For the days when I’m feeling the urge to bail on my workout — and need extra motivation to exercise — I employ one of the following tactics. Don’t judge.

  • I think about how I’ll hit less traffic if I head to the gym after work. My drive home is a nightmare.
  • I make plans to meet a friend — I love meeting up with my co-Toque, Chris — at the gym. Even if we do our own workouts, it’s fun to be there together.
  • I load my iPod shuffle with new tunes.
  • I remind myself of the facts. My odds of running into cute, fit men while at the gym: high. My odds of running into them while sitting on my couch with a bag of peanut M&M’s: low. (If I belonged to a girls’-only gym, my attendance would plummet.)
  • I come up with little challenges for myself, like seeing if I can pound out more consecutive pushups than the last time or can run faster intervals on the treadmill.
  • I use a workout from iTunes, complete with a coach to talk me through the routine and music to keep me motivated. (I have an old OK Go Nike Treadmill Workout on high rotation.)
  • I think of how I’ll feel when I’m done my workout — happier than when I arrived, like in the picture below. As a rule, I don’t walk around giving random thumbs up, but, hey, I needed a picture for this blog post.
In extreme cases of “I don’t feel like going to the gym,” which strike a couple of times a year, I rely on a tried and true strategy: I buy new workout clothes. With new gear in my gym bag, it’s a guarantee that I’ll drag my butt there. Chris employs this tactic, as well, but she takes it one step further. She says that, when wearing her new workout gear for the first time, she exercises extra hard. Why? To infuse the clothes with an awesome “workout spirit.” That’s serious workout karma.

And, when all else fails in my quest to hit the gym, I do something drastic: I book a trip to Las Vegas. Thoughts of wearing little dresses and bikinis are all the motivation this girl needs.

Seeing as I recently booked a trip to Sin City, I’m highly motivated and will not be employing many of the aforementioned strategies soon. Except for the cute, fit guys thing. That’s pretty standard.


One Response to “Motivation to Exercise”

  1. haithem May 26, 2011 at 10:12 pm #

    I am inspired to go to the gym after reading this, now I need to load my IPod with the new music. Thank you! BTW you look so amazing in the pic

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