The Day Our Pants Failed

16 May

A strange thing happened last Monday. Despite being in different cities — Christina was in Chicago and I was in Calgary — we both experienced severe wardrobe malfunctions.

Ready for a long day at the conference she was covering, Chris left her hotel room wearing a new pair of black Calvin Klein pants. She felt great. She felt great until she arrived at the conference centre and realized a tear was starting high on her inner leg, along the seam. This distressed her, obviously. Things got worse when the tear slowly spread down her leg and all she could do was watch — and attempt to cover up with her long sweater. By the end of the day, the tear had turned into a gaping hole. She made it back to her hotel room relatively unscathed, but not without extreme stress.

While Chris was highly aware of every moment of her pants breakdown, I was totally unaware. Which means that, if you were walking behind me in downtown Calgary last Monday, you are likely all too familiar with my left butt cheek. That’s where my T. Babaton black dress pants from Aritzia were ripped — a vertical tear along the side of the back pocket. I’m not sure how that happened — or when — but I only discovered the rip when I took my pants off at the gym.

That horrifying moment involved a gasp, turning red with embarrassment and throwing the pants in the garbage. For the length of my workout, I tried to calculate just how many people would have witnessed my epic pants failure. Because, unlike Christina, I was not wearing a long sweater. The tally was not small.

The good news is that I was forced to find some new dress pants, which I was needing for work. I headed to BCBG, as I won that gift certificate a while back (and wrote about here) and still had money to burn.

In the end, I bought two pairs of pants. First, this cropped pair, called Paulina. My pair is navy.

Next, this pair of black trousers, called Tabatha. I love the thick waist band and the flare on these pants.

It’s a shame about my ripped T. Babaton pants. If I’m feeling brave enough to don another pair, I may invest in this gorgeous T. Babaton Darcy Pant from Aritzia.

If I flashed you some skin last Monday, I’m terribly sorry. I promise to examine my clothes much more carefully — before I leave my house — from here on in.



2 Responses to “The Day Our Pants Failed”

  1. The Toque Girls May 19, 2011 at 12:22 pm #

    Hi Michelle! Know what’s funny? I have the T. Babaton Darcy Pants. You can borrow them. Love, Chris

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