Fun Spring Finds

5 May

I fail. I was supposed to do a fitness post today. However, my exercise over the last two days consisted moving from bed to desk to tissue box to bed to back to tissue box. Eventually, I started carrying the box around the apartment with me, eliminating the extra ten steps. I made an excursion out to see the new Tiffany & Co. — but that was only an exercise in restraint.

So, why don’t we talk about all the fun things that I bought in Seattle?

I started with these Angie jeans from Citizens of Humanity:

I’m looking forward to getting them back from the tailor (they come only in an Amazon leg length).

In fact, it was a toss-up between the Angie’s and the Hutton’s. The salesgirl told me that she’s never seen a woman who wasn’t impressed with the sight of her own rear in a pair of the Huttons. So, I’ll save you the research. Here they are:

After the jeans, we went on a marathon mission for black wedges. Nichola spotted these TOMS wedges. Unfortunately, the only pair they had were my size, not hers. I promised her a veto on my wearing them any time we’re in the same province and then I took them home. They’re incredibly comfortable.

And then, I nabbed these Nike Race Day Capri’s, which may prove to be the best purchase of the trip:

They’re slimming, they don’t slide when you run in them and the back pouch fits an ipod perfectly. I suspect this is the beginning of a love affair with Nike running capri’s.

I suppose if you’re looking for some fitness info, go buy some new pants and go for a run. There you go.



One Response to “Fun Spring Finds”

  1. Nicole Zacharias May 5, 2011 at 6:41 am #

    Sarah and I have the TOM wedges too- we should take a pic and send it in! (meant to last year!)

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