Rainboots Galore

18 Apr

It’s raining, it’s pouring and when it’s not, it’s snowing. We drove down to Fernie this watery weekend to meet our new nephew (handsome as anything, pics to come). On the way, we drove through rain, sleet and snow. When we arrived, we found a soggy, sloppy mess. Water dripped off my nose as I carried my bags into the house.

That said,  I think it’s perfectly acceptable to go on a boots buying binge. Clearly it’s what Mother Nature wants. I see that.

These short ones from Sorel are among my faves. I saw a girl last week wearing these, a trench coat and a cocktail dress. So cute!

Then, of course, there’s always classic Hunters, which I’m craving in red. Imagine these worn with something gray:

Check out this fun pair from Missoni:

Ralph Lauren came up with this stylish pair, which make me crave a trip to England and a day of wandering around the grounds of Windsor Castle (Anyone else want to join?):

Gucci had a similarly shiny take on rainwear:

While Valentino chose to go romantic — as romantic as rubber boots can get — with a lace motif:

If you find the old pull-on style tiresome, check out cute lace-ups from Loeffler Randall:

Finally, if you are looking for something fun, check out Chooka rain boots. They have cheetah prints, crazy stripes, polka dots, even houndstooth. I love the tiny whales, which are perfect for Vancouverites:

Now, doesn’t that make the rain more tolerable?



2 Responses to “Rainboots Galore”

  1. Andrea April 18, 2011 at 9:45 am #

    Hey! I also found this awesome brand called ‘dav’ rainboots. They have funky colors and patterns, as well as cowboy boot style, and even rubber converse shoes. Fun!


  2. The Toque Girls April 20, 2011 at 7:46 am #

    Whoa! Those are very, very good.

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