Things We Like

15 Apr

We don’t know about you, but this week felt a bit tiresome. Specifically, the mounds of snow we received that made us question life choices that lead us to Calgary.

Good thing we have these things to make us happy:

  • Fresh flowers. Here’s a lovely bunch, taking a breather at Michelle’s front door on the way into the house:

  • Cruffs, the tasty, little pieces of cream puff goodness we recently inhaled at a friend’s dinner party. We tried the coconut-filled cream puff — delectable — and will be heading back to The House of Cream Puffs soon to try the lemon.
  • Check out these Balenciaga Western-style collar tips (with a how-to tutorial). Now, that’s one way to add some class to Stampede.
  • Instead of sitting around in your pj’s Sunday morning, why not try something a bit more glamourous? Head to Hotel Arts for a cool fashion event called Church, myStyle. There will be a runway show, brunch and more. Did we mention mimosas?
  • Nephews. Christina acquired another one this week. Her sister-in-law in Fernie had a baby, Noel James. Isn’t that a wonderful name for a little boy born in a Christmas-perfect ski town? She’s going to Fernie to meet him this weekend.
  • We’re thinking that little hot yoga is in order to escape from the wintery conditions. Did you know Yoga Santosha has installed a new radiant heating system, the first of its kind in Calgary? If you’ve never been, you can sign up for their two weeks of yoga for $29 deal.
  • Scott Feschuk’s creative Essential Budget Terms, from his fantastic Maclean’s blog, Feschuk on the Famous. He posted the list a while ago, but it’s still making us laugh. A sample definition:

Canada Foundation for Innovation Frankly, I’m not sure what this is, but I’m pretty confident we can rule out Stephen Harper’s barber as a member.

With that laugh, we bid you adieu. Here’s to a wonderful weekend.

~The Toque Girls


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