Five Questions for Sarah Shell of 442 McAdam

14 Apr

Remember the talented Sarah Shell? We first told you about her here.

I love her unabashedly. So does Michelle. Her 442 McAdam handbags are made from soft buttery leather, the kind that feels so soft that you keep running your hand over. The bags get extra points for longevity as I’ve now used mine almost everyday for more than a year, stuffed with a laptop and hundreds of other things, and it still looks like new.

In any case, the lovely Ms. Shell and I tend to exchange midnight emails about bags, blogs and other fun things. In our last round of emails, she answered five (or so) random questions a la Toque Girls. First, check out how fun she is…

Here in Calgary, the city is one giant puddle and I can only get around with rubber boots. What shoes are you wearing right now?

My favorite thing about the winter is making use of my boots.  While it’s warming up here in Toronto, I still refuse to remove the boots.  I’ve been living in my Michael Kors flat camel leather thigh-highs.  Perhaps I should fly out to Calgary to appreciate the boots a little longer 🙂
You’ve been living in Toronto for several years now. What are your must-do’s when you come back to Calgary?

TLC with my friends is number one.  I love a nice walk down 17th avenue – Gravity Pope and Shoe Craze are must-stops.  And then up 4th street to Earls to meet a friend for a chocolate martini.  Before moving to Toronto, Tubby Dog was my last Calgary dish.  One of my favorite breakfast nooks is a very unexpected place, Western and Chinese on 4th street and 21st Ave.  It’s an unassuming gem.  I am very fond of the new Chinook, so some shop-time there is a must.  One of my new favorite spots in Calgary is Marda Loop’s Phil&Sebastien’s for some great coffee.  I seem to bump in to friends and acquaintances every time I’m there.  Alloy is one of my favorite dining experiences in Calgary.  And the crowning touch… a stop at Crave Cupcakes!
What’s your dream purchase?

A yacht.

Describe your closet in one word.


What’s the one piece that every woman should have for this spring?

A red accessory – red is definitely on the hit-list for spring/summer.

Toques — love ’em or hate ’em? What about in spring and summer?

I LOVE a great slouchy toque.  Smurfette style.  Keeps me warm but gives off an appearance of being cool (though I’m a closet geek).  A nice fine knit silk-yarn toque can definitely work in the spring/summer – just keep it light.

And one more, what’s new at 442 McAdam?

For Spring/Summer 2011 442 McAdam has created an elegant selection of practical day and evening bags.  As always, 442 designs incorporate equestrian and vintage details, maintaining our timeless look.  Black, camels and luscious reds freshen our selection, but not limiting the bags to the season.  These colors and styles can be worn year-round.

A few TQ favourites from the 2011 spring/summer collection…

The hobo bag in red:

And this Marsha bag in camel:



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