Wedges for Spring

7 Apr

I’m slightly terrified of wearing wedges.

It wasn’t always so.

My wariness set in five years ago, soon after I’d hunted a pair of Fornarina wedges down at Gravity Pope. I needed the wedges, which have soft, turquoise leather, to wear with a new summer dress.

I wasn’t going to be wearing this dress/wedges combo just anywhere. I was wearing the outfit to dinner at Mercato, where I was having dining with the parents of my boyfriend at the time — for the first time.

Dinner was fantastic. Post-dinner, less so. When the four of us arrived at said boyfriend’s SUV, I opened the back door on the driver’s side to climb in. My right foot made it into the vehicle but, as I hoisted myself in (I’m graceful like that), my left foot — perched precariously on my sky-high wedge — buckled. Which sent me tumbling out of the SUV, flat on my face, lying on the street with a scraped knee and shoulder.

Not my best showing.

I still don’t know what my problem was. Wedges are usually easier to handle than high heels. But, the height of these puppies + the narrow heel = an embarrassed (and bloody) Michelle. I’ve avoided wedges ever since.

This year, however, I may be willing to overcome my trepidation. The shoes are too gorgeous not to.

I’m liking this style, called the Braxton, from Nine West:

The more I look at these Diane von Furstenberg Pandora Wedge Espadrilles, available at, the more I fall in love with them:

And if I were still the least bit hesitant, the Jaclyn Espadrille Wedges from Pour La Victoire would be enough to convince me. They’re also available on

Let’s all pause for a second to appreciate the ankle straps. All I’m saying is, anything that will help to keep me upright is most welcome.



2 Responses to “Wedges for Spring”

  1. Emma Gilchrist April 7, 2011 at 8:50 am #

    Perhaps the problem was the SUV, not the shoes? No lady should have to hoist herself into such an unladylike machine after a night on the town 😉

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