The House Surrounded by Treadmill to Stop Zombies and Other Random Searches

6 Apr

One of our favourite parts of this blog is looking at all the searches people have used to end up here. They type some odd phrase into Google and — ping! — they wind up here.

There’s a perverted element that keeps turning up on the Toque Girls after searching words like “sweaty girls” and “spread legs.” (We used those words in a post on yoga this fall.) Now that we’ve written them again in this post, we’re probably going to double our perv hits. Go away, you.

We greatly appreciate the flattering searches:

  • Hot girls running on treadmills (Chris thanks you for that.)
  • Girls with hot abs (Michelle thanks you for that.)
  • Hot girls in workout shoes
  • Hot ski girls

Here are some of our most common searches:

  • Toque Girls (Either the name is sticking or many people are looking for girls in toques.)
  • Anthropologie in Calgary
  • 4-hour body
  • lentils
  • Nakagin Capsule tower (Because we wrote about Lara Presber’s collection, inspired by the tower.)
  • Ron Sexsmith
  • Giro revolver helmet
  • Michael Kors gold watch
  • Lawren Harris
  • Pasty skin
  • Hippie Girls

There are the bizarre searches that appear to have no tie to the blog — or a minor one, at that — but got people here anyway:

  • The house surrounded by treadmill to stop zombies
  • Can you eat kefalotiri when pregnant? (Kefalotiri is a Greek cheese and we posted pregnant photos of Chris’s sister. Still, seems a bit of a stretch.)
  • Cutting pork
  • Bump on Christian Bale’s nose
  • On Ferris’ 4-hour body. Anyone else pooping a lot?
  • All the guys had their tops off
  • Pond hockey shirtless
  • How to make a tipi out of a parashoot

The bottom line is this: however you landed on the Toque Girls blog, we’re happy to have you.

~The Toque Girls


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