Things We Like

1 Apr
Welcome to this week’s edition of Things We Like. Though it’s April Fool’s Day, we’re not joking around. We like this stuff for realz:
  • When a totally skeptical Calgary firefighter — Josh, who’s married to Michelle’s cousin, Tamara — is forced to try the healthy pancakes Michelle blogged about and concedes that, not only are they tasty, but he may like them better than regular pancakes. “Less doughy,” he says. I’m sure Josh would give the pancakes two thumbs up, but he’s too busy using one hand to eat:

  • Comments on our blog posts. We get so excited to see what you have to say — your wine suggestions on Wednesdays were wonderful — so feel free to comment at will.
  • Following on Wednesday’s wine discussion, you guys know about the Alberta Liquor Guide, right? You can use it to track down any wine or beer in Alberta.
  • Spring is finally in the air. Can you feel it?
  • The spring edition of the Calgary Herald’s Hers magazine is out. Check it out. Michelle has a piece on spas, Christina has stories on health and spring cleaning.
  • It’s going to be a great year for spring skiing. Check out the conditions in Fernie, Lake Louise, Kicking Horse and Sunshine. Hmmm… it’s not a question of should we go, it’s only a question of where.
  • This Nation Ltd. top, which Michelle picked up at Coco & Violet this week. Hers is grey and fairly sheer — the perfect springtime top. We also like the advice she received from Hien, one of the fabulous and friendly co-owners: protect delicate fabric by getting into the habit of tucking the front of your tank tops or tees into the jeans you’re wearing whenever you’re about to do the dishes (or do anything that will rub your tank against you). Do that and you’ll avoid the little holes at the bottom of your top, which happen when the front button on your jeans rubs through the material. Smart!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

~ The Toque Girls


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