Motion Traxx

29 Mar

Oof. I’m still smarting from a spinning workout on the weekend. When I sit down, I’m never quite sure that I’m going to stand up again. I’m glowing, too, the way you do after a great workout.

I had no photographer to record it for posterity so here’s me on a completely unrelated, much easier cruise through Berlin.

Because the post-workout pain/glow came from a solo workout rather than a class, you can experience it, too.

It’s from Motion Traxx, a fitness music podcast from Deekron, The Fitness DJ. Let me rephrase, that’s a free fitness music podcast.


Based on plenty of glowing reviews, I decided to check out a coached cycling podcast from Gregg Cook, a popular spin instructor at NYC’s Equinox. I’ve heard he’s amazing so on Sunday, my iPod, Gregg and I hit the gym.

Gregg — we’re on a first name basis  although he’s never heard of me —  tells you to imagine you’re out for an afternoon road ride with a group of 16 cyclist friends. Everyone’s fit and competitive. There’s no March snow in this dreamed-up world.

He leads you over three tough hills as you take on challenges from other riders. At one point, I was pushing my way the top of a steep, steep hill, standing out of my seat, breathing like a horse on the last stretch of the Kentucky Derby, struggling desperately to stay ahead of another rider.

Then, I suddenly remembered I was at the gym, the other rider was imaginary and I looked crazy.

All in all, a great workout, notwithstanding my pride.

Everything is timed to music, so when Gregg tells you —  shouts at you — to push, push, push at 110 RPM, you have an appropriately motivating soundtrack to get there.

The workout is as good as everything you’ll get in a spin class, but you can do it on your own schedule. Until it stops snowing, it’s a good way to pretend you’re actually out on your bike.


PS – The workout I tried was Get Cyc’d, Part II. I enjoyed it enough that I’m going to try this coached running podcast tonight.


3 Responses to “Motion Traxx”

  1. Emily March 30, 2011 at 11:47 am #

    Thanks for the suggestion! Downloading the treadmill intervals now 🙂

  2. Emily April 2, 2011 at 9:40 am #

    Just to say, I LOVE Treadmill intervals level 2! The narrator/DJ has a cute Brooklyn accent, and the incline intervals really pushed me! I also posted FitnessTraxx to a forum post on MyFitnessPal, and everyone was very grateful. So thanks girls 🙂

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