Floral Dresses for Every Budget

24 Mar

It’s getting to be that time of year when the weather makes me act crazy. At shopping malls, that is.

When I see a beautiful dress, I fall in love not just with the piece, but with the idea of where and how I can wear said dress.

Lately, I’ve been ogling floral dresses and picturing the sunny days that will inspire me to wear them. And I’ve found amazing options at all kinds of price points.

Here’s a Gap dress that, at $29.50, is a thrifty find.

A note on the Gap dress. I agree with you — it’s crazy short. I would wear it one of two ways:

  1. With leggings.
  2. Carefully. Very carefully.

Check out this FCUK dress. It’s flirty, flattering and a not-too-too-pricey $148. I’d wear it to work with a cardigan or white blazer and then lose the topper to wear it out at night:

And then, there’s this incredible Derek Lam dress. Sigh. It’s not cheap. By that, I mean it’s so far out of my budget — $2,890 — that I will simply enjoy its beauty from afar. Next, I will buy some lottery tickets.

Here’s hoping dress weather arrives soon, and that I win the lottery. When I do, I’m coming for you, Derek Lam dress.



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