Natalie Gerber Wedding Clutches

21 Mar

We completely forgot our six-month wedding anniversary. One recent Friday night, the boy and I were drinking a glass of wine at the Main Dish while our pizzas baked at nearby Roma’s Pizzeria. We were tired and grumpy, after our original dinner plans were scuttled by long lines at Brasserie Kensington.

We sat there, in curmudgeonly silence, when suddenly he burst out with, “hey, it’s our six-month anniversary!”

So much for girls always remembering these things.

To honour of our 6.5-month wedding anniversary, let’s talk about weddings today.

Natalie Gerber is an wonderful Calgary designer who specializes in beautiful clutches made from vintage fabrics. I first saw her work at a local arts market. A blue-and-white bag made with vintage fabric from Paris market caught my eye. After much debate, I passed on it. I was on a pre-wedding budget and lovely French-inspired clutches simply were not in the finances.

Two days later, I ordered my wedding dress — a  vintage-styled ivory lace dress that, really, quite screamed for lovely French-inspired clutch. I hunted Natalie down on etsy and the clutch was mine. I use this bag often — and I can’t say that about anything else I wore that day.

Natalie has created a few new clutches designed specifically for brides. Can’t you see this bag resting on a mountain-top patio while the bride and guests drink champagne?

Or this on a city bride who likes yellow taxis and elegant black finishings?

Have a great Monday, duckies!



One Response to “Natalie Gerber Wedding Clutches”

  1. MG March 21, 2011 at 12:26 pm #

    Love this post! And the photo is stunning. I hope you have it framed!

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