Square 36

10 Mar

The other day, a very exciting and BIG package arrived — the Square 36 workout mat.

That is one tall workout mat, is it not? When standing, it’s six feet tall. It’s also six feet wide and six millimeters thick, and it’s meant to be used for home-based workouts and yoga sessions.

A friend from my long-ago junior high days was kind enough to send the mat my way. Square 36 is his brainchild, and a good one, at that. The square mat can be used for yoga, workouts sans shoes or whatever else you can dream up. (It’s thick and comfy, so beware. Stretching could easily progress to napping.)

As someone who occasionally uses her living room as a gym, I’m pumped to give the mat a try.

I only wish I had my trusty handheld weights to use. See, when I was in my early teens, I bought a set of used pink and orange weights. I found them listed in the classifieds and paid a whopping $10 for the entire set. After using them, oh, three times, I let them sit in my closet for years, until I finally gave them to my brother’s girlfriend. Huge mistake, obviously.

If I still owned those weights, they would fit perfectly on my lovely Square 36. Instead, it’s just me:

Until I invest in another set of weights, I’ll use my Square 36 for yoga, pushups and ab exercises. And, when that’s all done, a nap.



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