BCBG Spring Collection

8 Mar

Last week, Christina and I stopped by Chinook Centre to check out BCBG’s spring collection. In a word: lovely. Or, in many words: boho, feminine, chic, striped, lacy, floral, fun, drool-worthy.

Imagine my delight, then, to learn that I’d won an amazing prize in a draw — a $1,000 BCBG shopping spree. $1,000!! To spend at BCBG!! $1,000!!!

Sorry. I’m a little excited. Up until last week’s win, the biggest prize I’d ever won was a cooler that contained random beverages. I don’t know about you, but, to me, a totally guilt-free shopping spree at BCBG (rhyme much?) is a tad more exciting than a cooler filled with bottled water and Pilsner.

This weekend, I conducted a little research into BCBG’s spring line. There are many beautiful, everyday pieces, like this top:

*this picture and three others from bcbg.com

That I’d tuck it into this pair of wide-leg pants for a day at the office. I also envision wearing these pants with a plain tank and heels for a fun spring/summer look:

The pieces that really caught my attention are beautiful, certainly, but not so everyday. Take this jumpsuit as an example. Stunning, but I’d need an invite somewhere fancy schmancy to pull this out of my closet.

And this strapless floral gown, which is gorgeous.

When it comes time to spend my $1,000 BCBG dollars, I’m not sure which side will win — my practical self or my preparing-for-imagined-parties-and-vacations-and-fancy-schmancy-events-that-require-strapless-floral-gowns-and-silk-jumpsuits self.

I intend to have fun finding out.



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