Tired of Crunches? Try This Ab Exercise

11 Feb

Hanging knees-to-elbows. It doesn’t sound fun, does it?

I can tell you: it’s not. But that’s why it’s so good. As opposed to crunches, which I’m pretty sure my body has adapted to, the hanging knees-to-elbows exercise actually feels like it’s working. I know this not only because it’s a struggle to complete numerous repetitions, but because I have sore abs for days afterward. (You know an ab exercise is good if you groan just sitting up to get out of bed.)

I won’t get into the how-to’s, because there’s a fantastic video explanation here.

I will, however, show you how this plays out for me at the gym. First, I hang there. Not so tough.

Second, I touch my knees to my elbows or, as is often the case, as close as I can get. I repeat. In between reps, I look longingly at the treadmill, which seems so easy in comparison.

Last, I hit the mats. I must say, this is my favourite part of any workout.

Give the exercise a go this weekend and see what you think. Happy knees-to-elbowing.



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