An Outfit for Hawaii

31 Jan

As you read this, I’m somewhere on the Big Island of Hawaii. The next few days will likely be spent sleeping, swimming, hanging on the beach, hiking, biking, surfing and sleeping some more.

I put together an outfit for a fun afternoon of wandering around Hawaii. Let me warn you: I spent a good part of my 20s living on a hilltop over looking a Mediterranean beach. I used to have to trudge down a banana hill to get to the beach. Those walks in 40+ heat left a mark on my beach style, which is comfortable, practical and not terribly girlish.

First, the bikini. I love this one from Shoshanna. It reminds me of one of my early faves, a black number from Top Shop:

Then, I always love worn-in denim shorts. Mine are from Abercrombie:

On the top, I wear an old white men’s button-down, wore to light summery perfection. This one from J. Crew would work perfectly:

For shoes, sorry, girls, I’m going practical. I expect my beach afternoons will involve clamoring over rocks to explore as much as possible. Let me introduce the shoe that’s carried me miles and miles and miles, the Birkenstock Ramses (did I just hear a groan from every stylist I know?) :

I’ve found Old Navy is a treasure trove of affordable beach bags. I like this cross-body striped number:

And to keep my freckles from popping out, I wear a hat similar to this Melissa Obadash panana hat:

We’ll talk sunglasses later on this week! Have a great Monday, lovelies.



2 Responses to “An Outfit for Hawaii”

  1. Nicole Zacharias January 31, 2011 at 5:55 am #

    I hope you guys are having so much fun!!!! It is like -30 here with the WC. Love the beach outfit….so craving some sun and sand!!!

  2. MG January 31, 2011 at 2:53 pm #

    Birkenstocks forever! I have three pairs of the Madrid style: and all the stylish girls in Europe wear them!

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