Attack of the New Year’s Resolutioners

17 Jan

Last Monday, we met at the gym for our weekly event, the Toque Girls Triathlon.

The parking lot was full. The change rooms were full. The cardio equipment section was, shockingly, full. That’s when we realized: the New Year’s Resolutioners had arrived.

We managed to complete step one of the triathlon — running — without incident.

Step two — the weights class — didn’t go as well. As we set up our equipment, chaos ensued. Masses of people rushed in, setting up right next to us, behind us, beside us, practically on top of us. Claustrophobia set in. We took one look at each other and decided to bail, opting for our own workouts in the weights area.

Step three of our triathlon — sushi — didn’t go as planned, either. Hana Sushi was closed for renovations, so we decided to check out the new-ish Fujiyama location, on the corner of 8th St. and 17th Ave. S.W. We loved the decor and the service, but the rice was a bit mushy for our liking. That was a shame, because we love the downtown location’s sushi rolls.

Our evening ended on a high note when a man walked into Fujiyama, saw us and announced to the room that he was “a huge Toque Girls fan.”

He may have been Christina’s hubby but it still made us smile.

~The Toque Girls


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