Sleeping In on Weekends

7 Jan

Hello, Friday! And not a moment too soon. This week inched along, making it feel like two. I couldn’t concentrate at work, I struggled to fall asleep at night, and what I lacked in energy during the day, I made up for in chocolate consumption.

With the weekend finally here, I’m going to set things right and accomplish a New Year’s resolution —  to sleep in on weekends.

I don’t sleep enough lately. I stay up too late and wake up too early. When I don’t sleep enough, I’m an ornery cantankerous grump who picks fights and avoids tasks like finishing the laundry and dropping off library books. Plus, I’m hurting my health by not sleeping more. Here’s a good article on the health effects of sleep deprivation.

Better yet, watch this great short TED talk from Arianna Huffington where she suggests we “sleep our way to the top.” Love that.

In November, I interviewed Dr. Charles Samuels, the medical director of the Centre for Sleep here in Calgary for a story for HERS. He said that most people need more sleep but going to bed earlier isn’t always an option. There’s no point to crawling in bed earlier if we’re just going to stare at the ceiling and think about how we can’t sleep. Instead, Dr. Samuels suggests we catch up on our zzzz’s on weekends. We should give ourselves permission to sleep in.

That’s what I’m doing Saturday morning. I’m letting myself sleep in and then heading to yoga. In my next house, I think I’ll go for a bedroom like this — I can roll out of bed and be right at the yoga studio:

*Photo from

Have a great weekend!



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