An Outfit for a Chinook

5 Jan
Chinook [shi-nook, –nook, chi-nook]
  1. a warm, dry wind that blows at intervals down the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, warming up the city of Calgary.
  2. something that ruins winter boots.
We’ve been enjoying a lovely chinook this week — a much welcome follow to the -20s of last week. I love these sudden warm stints in the middle of our Alberta winters. My boots, however, do not. Case in point:
On weeks like this, I have a go-to chinook outfit. Without fail, I pull on my Hunter boots, which I wear frequently, including at my wedding:
Inside my boots, I wear my new Hunter Cable Cuff socks to keep my feet warm:
I’ll pull on my new Citizens of Humanity Jeggings that I got for Christmas (I told you about them here.) These jeans are so stretchy that I wore them comfortably for all the holiday meals. Big stretch = plenty of room for turkey/chocolate stomach, or babies. My girlfriend told me she wore hers throughout her pregnancy.
I like a big cozy sweater like this cashmere boyfriend cardigan from Artizia, pulled over one of my husband’s old dress shirts.
I pull on my trusty Banana Republic Trench:
One of these super-soft knit scarves from Calgary design duo Annie & Mia (their pieces are available at Empire Collection on 17th and I’m enamored):
And finish it off with my classic knit cap and mitts that my mom brought me on a recent trip to Newfoundland (Here’s a similar set from Newfoundland-based Etsy shop The Store NL):
~ Chris

2 Responses to “An Outfit for a Chinook”

  1. Sarah Frangou January 5, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

    cable cuff socks= so pimp

    • Jennifer January 5, 2011 at 5:06 pm #

      110% Agreement. Required in AT LEAST two colours.

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