Three More Sleeps

22 Dec

Christmas is just three sleeps away and, like a kid, I’m counting them down.

There are so many things I’m looking forward to. Here’s a handful of them:

  • Making sugar cookies with my mom while listening to Boney M.’s Christmas Album. (Mary’s Boy Child may be my favourite Christmas song ever.)
  • Cross-country skiing with my dad. It’s so much fun, great exercise and I always appreciate the refresher on how to wax my skis. Waxing is not my strong suit.
  • Sitting around the tree at my parents’ house on Christmas eve and eating mandarin oranges.
  • Waking up on Christmas morning. That’s it. Just waking. I love the first moment of the day,  knowing that fun, family and food is ahead. When I was a little girl, those first moments were awe-filled; the 24th was the only night my parents left the outdoor Christmas lights on overnight, and I thought the glow from them outside my window was actually from Santa’s sleigh. So exciting.
  • The pose my brother makes every Christmas morning. Whether it’s to feign surprise when opening socks or to pretend he’s using the cooking utensil he’s just been given, Brent’s pose makes me laugh every time.

  • Watching The Family Stone and Love Actually — my top two Christmas movies.
  • Playing Hearts with the whole family. And being prepared for when my dad inevitably goes for power; someone usually takes the bullet and keeps a heart or two to thwart his attempts.
  • Relaxing. It’s been a busy year. I’m pumped to spend plenty of time sipping hot chocolate, reading magazines and enjoying the view from my parents’ place:

Just three more sleeps. I can’t wait.



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