Books for Bookworms

15 Dec

I read like mad. I always did. When I was a kid, I read so much that the local librarian called my mom. She was worried about how much time I spent reading. I think she thought I’d grow up to be weird.

Moving right along, I thought you might enjoy my favourite reads from 2010. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Room, by Emma Donoghue

Michelle gave me this book for my birthday, with her glowing recommendation. Even so, I was stunned at this book. I picked it up one afternoon for a quick break from work. I ended up skipping the rest of the day and played hooky from yoga that night. I wolfed dinner and crawled in bed until it was finished. I wish I’d read it slower so that I could’ve relished it for more than one day.

2. The Most Beautiful Book in the World, by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

I attended a reading by Schmitt during the 2009 WordFest and I’ve loved him ever since. My favourite line: “That day she became categorically certain of two things: that he annoyed her, profoundly, and, if she could, she would never leave him.”

3. The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin

I picked this up for a feature I was writing a piece on happiness for the Calgary Herald. Rubin applies a lot of common sense ideas about happiness to real life. This book made me clean out my closet.

4. When A Crocodiles Eats the Sun: A Memoir of Africa, by Peter Godwin.

Africa comes to life. Godwin is an amazing writer. The following passage reminds me of my family’s home in Cyprus:

“If I were a swallow, Chimanimani is the place that my avian navigation system would draw me back to. It’s my true north, the fixed
point by which I situate all other points, the closest place I have to a spiritual home.”

5. Born to Run:A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

Fascinating for anyone who loves to run or for anyone who wants to love to run.

6. A Porcupine in a Pine Tree, written by Helaine Becker, illustrated by Werner Zimmerman

I wish there were more little kids in my life so I could buy them this book. I read in last weekend in Fernie. Gorgeous photos and some very funny Canadian-isms like curling squirrels and Maple Leaf’s a-leaping.


4 Responses to “Books for Bookworms”

  1. LaVerne Spratt December 15, 2010 at 8:36 am #

    Thanks for the reccommendations I think perhaps I need to read more LOL or at least expand my library.

  2. Chrystal December 15, 2010 at 10:57 am #

    Room is on my Christmas wish list 🙂 Now I have a couple more to add to the list – Thanks!:) The addiction to reading must be a “Furlong” thing – I remember reading under the covers with a flashlight long after my mom had yelled mulitple times to turn out the light and still find myself doing the same thing long after my husband tells me to turn the light out! Oh and my favorite read from 2010 – Still Alice by Lisa Genova…check it out…

    P.S. also on my list of favorite reads for 2010 is your blog! Keep up the writing!

  3. Jean Lafrance January 1, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    What a great idea Michelle. I was just introduced to your new blog. Very cool!

    Mon once Jean

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