Healthy Takeout from The Coup

14 Dec

We spent the weekend in Fernie, the first of many weekend trips we’ll take to this BC ski town over winter. What a fun start to the season: the snow was in abundance for early December but the crowds were not. We skied ourselves silly and toasted to our sore muscles with beers at the Griz bar on Saturday afternoon. It was a weekend of catching up with family and friends, of eating delicious sushi at Yamagoya and of devouring bagels from Big Bang Bagels, our favorite bagels outside of Montreal.

It was not a weekend with a notable presence of vegetables.

As we were driving back into Calgary Sunday night, I complained of tiredness. I pointed out tiredness is a symptom of scurvy and I, like the sailors of old, had developed scurvy due to insufficient fruit and veggie intake.  S. questioned the scurvy diagnosis but agreed veggies for dinner would be well-advised.

Easier said than done, however. We were in the middle of nowhere with two growling stomachs and a overwhelming desire get home and stay home. Unfortunately, at home, sat an empty fridge.

We debated takeout pizza but pie wouldn’t cut it. Grocery store? My legs hurt just at the thought. Restaurant? S. said his head would fall off, bounce off the table and roll down the floor.

Then, divine inspiration struck. I remembered that the Coup — that local worship-house for vegetarians — offers takeaway.

We called in our order and, 100-plus kilometers later, we picked up our recyclable boxes stuffed with veggie tacos, falafel quesadillas and heaping colourful salads.

We ate dinner sitting in front of the TV because we were too tired to sit at the table.

The verdict: Fantastic. Even the boy liked it. The Coup continues to have the best veggie fare in the city. Now, it gets my vote for healthiest takeout, too. And, in case you were wondering, turns out I don’t have scurvy.



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