A Toque For Everyone On Your List

13 Dec

Is anyone else stressed that Christmas is less than two weeks away? We’ve still got parents, siblings and friends to shop for. We’re buying — what else? — toques.

In case you’re in the same gift-shopping predicament, here’s a sampling of some of the coolest ones we’ve come across so far.

For the stylish friend who always complains of cold, this fun, furry number from American Eagle:

For the stylish friend who loves all things high-end and French, one of these Columbia Berets by Louis Vuitton:

For the dad who always wears crazy party sweaters, this colourful — but not overly bright — Coal toque, available at Purr:

For the mom who swears she does not look good in hats, this soft, chunky knit toque from J. Crew:

For the brother who still wears that black toque he’s worn for the last decade, this Fair Isle beanie from Banana Republic. It’s super soft and quietly stylish enough that he won’t groan when he opens it:

For the sister with crazy curly hair who frequently needs a hair disguise, this swinging tassel trapper from Anthropologie:

For the world’s cutest baby — the one that never cries when you hold it — this elf-cute stocking hat from Adorable Organics’ Etsy shop:

Last but not least, for you — because you deserve it — this chunky wool beanie from FCUK:

Have fun shopping!

~The Toque Girls

PS – Club Monaco has 30% off on their toques today.


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