Five random questions for fashion designer Haithem Elkadiki

12 Nov

Haithem Elkadiki is one of the most stylish men in Calgary. Not only is he the gifted fashion designer behind the menswear line, KaaDiki, but we’re privileged to have him as a dear friend. We adore him more than words can convey in this blog post. (For many reasons, one of them being that we’re united in the search to find Calgary’s best lamb burger. The hunt continues.)

Haithem, 37, is one of those rare people that will call it like he sees it, which is why we thought it appropriate to ask him a few — okay, five — questions.

To conduct this very, very serious interview, we met at the Ship & Anchor last Sunday. The balmy weather enticed us to the patio. And then the balmy weather enticed us to order Caesars. And then, somehow, we forgot about the interview.

Never fear, readers. We called Haithem the next day to ask him our questions. Here they are:

What’s the best thing about Calgary fashion?

It’s young! And there’s a lot of potential and possibilities. People need to appreciate local design, though. The only way the local fashion scene can move forward and improve and grow is with the consumers. They have the power and they need to realize that local fashion is very exclusive, because it’s small production and likely produced right here in Calgary. People should feel great about buying something local!

(*On that note, head to his site to check out his goods and to get in touch with him about a custom order.)

You just came back from Europe. Were the women there wearing amazing fashion-forward styles we need to know about?

Fantastic heels, like heels that take you up to heaven. That’s how high the heels are. I don’t know how they walk in those heels, with their cobblestone streets. And anything with a very interesting heel. It seems like there’s a lot of focus on the back of the shoe, like a zipper going down the back.

On a Saturday morning in Calgary, where are we likely to find you?

Probably in bed with Eric watching TV — probably the food channel — and drinking coffee. We’d be thinking about food and whether we should go out to eat or make something crazy at home.

If you could suggest Calgarians buy just one must-have item for winter, what would it be?

It would probably be a very nice-looking piece of outerwear, something sophisticated. It could be Moncler or Canada Goose. Something very chic, because I find that people don’t care when it gets really cold and they just throw on whatever. They could have the most fabulous-looking outfit underneath but they just want warmth. So, I’d say invest in a nice piece of outerwear.

Toques: love them or hate them?

I love them. I’ve only managed to find one toque that I can feel comfortable wearing. It’s black and it’s Prada. This one toque, I feel like it’s part of me. And that’s the most important thing when you wear a toque – you forget that it’s even there.

~The Toque Girls


2 Responses to “Five random questions for fashion designer Haithem Elkadiki”

  1. Leah November 17, 2010 at 2:44 pm #

    He’s the greatest!!


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