Sample Letters

5 Nov

Via Sue-in-Sydney

Nerd alert: We pretend-write letters to people about things we didn’t, wouldn’t or couldn’t say in person. That is, we imagine what we’d write and then never do.

For instance,

“Dear shop girl,

Are you seriously that daft? I’m not buying jeans that are too tight, no matter what you say. And if you really believe jeans are supposed to look like that, you should work in a sausage factory.”


“Dear kind old man who sat beside me on a flight from London to Calgary,

You were the sweetest airplane mate ever and I always wondered what happened to you. You know, I eventually married that boy I told you about. You called it. I remember all the beautiful things you said about your deceased wife. You told me that you felt dizzy whenever you smell a woman wearing Chanel No. 5, and you close your eyes for a minute and pretend your wife was there. Do you still do that? And do you still do crosswords the way I taught you? It really is the most efficient way.”


“Dear owner of the silver Porsche who works out at my gym,

You park like an ass.”


So we were delighted to see that Britain’s Guardian newspaper has a regular feature called “A Letter To…

It’s a brilliant series of letters written anonymously by readers to a person or thing. Some are funny (To My Son’s Tonsils), others shocking (To the Woman Whose Husband I’m Having an Affair With), all are entertaining (To My Ex-Fiance). It’s a wonderful way to kill some time on a Friday afternoon while you’re waiting for the end of the day.

Have a good weekend! We’re off to the Millarville Christmas Market. It’s always one of our favourite fall days. We drive out to the country, drink strong coffee and taste-test everything under the sun.

PS – If you can’t make it to Millarville, check out the Make it! The Handmade Revolution at the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre. It’s a great collection of artists, designers and other cool types. We’re pretty smitten with Knit Wits, two girls based out of Salt Spring and Fernie. Wouldn’t you love to rifle through these cases?

Knit Wits's table of toques, courtesy of Knit Wits


~The Toque Girls

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